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  • Michelson Interferometer Whitepaper
    A Michelson interferometer divides a beam of light into two, then recombines the beams using the same beam splitter. Usually, flat mirrors reflect each beam back through the beam splitter, and usually, the paths are not identical. Where the light beams overlap after recombining
  • Novel Interferometer Enables Challenging Measurements
    for measuring large telescope optics, general purpose optics, disk drive substrates and media, flat panel display components and lithography optics. In an interferometer, light reflecting from a test and reference surface combine to produce patterns of light and dark fringes called "interferograms
  • Low Coherence Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
    An on-axis, vibration insensitive, polarization Fizeau interferometer is realized through the use of a novel pixelated mask spatial carrier phase shifting technique in conjunction with a low coherence source and a polarization delay-line. In this arrangement, coherence is used to effectively
  • Dynamic Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer
    The technique for measuring changes in diffuse surfaces using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) is well known. We present a new electronic speckle pattern interferometer that takes advantage of a single-frame spatial phase-shifting technique to significantly reduce sensitivity
  • Laser Interferometer Implementation
    Laser interferometers represent the ultimate feedback device for high-precision motion control application. The combination of high resolution and outstanding accuracy has made it the ideal transducer for wafer steppers, flat panel inspection, and high-accuracy laser micromachining.
  • Designing and Specifying Fabry Perot Etalons
    Basic Theory "The Fabry Perot interferometer consists of two parallel flat semi-transparent mirrors separated by a fixed distance. This arrangement is called an etalon. " (Fabry and Perot, 1897). Specifying Fabry Perot Etalons. Optical Calculators. Optics Catalog. Motion Control Catalog. Library
  • Liquid Crystal in Precision Optical Devices
    for precision interferometer gauges.
  • Collimation Tester
    guides you through setting up a. Cyclical Shearing interferometer in experiment #1. Listed here are some resources and examples of. shearing interferometers: 1. Jae Bong Song, Yoon Woo Lee, In Won Lee, Jung. Hoon Lee, “Lateral shearing interferometer using. phase-shifting technique without moving

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