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  • Optical Interconnections using Polymer Waveguides
    Optical interconnections are under serious consideration for use throughout the backplane and/or motherboard to or from adjoining daughter cards or associated interposer peripheral boards due to increasing costs and adverse performance issues associated with high frequency electronics. A few years
  • "VICBricks " Utilize a PRM-VTM Chip-set in a Standard Quarter-Brick Package
    ;-brick interposer board. Fitting comfortably within the volume of the …-brick format, the VICBrick's V I Chip-set achieves unprecedented performance in power density, efficiency, transie VICBricks, high performance DC-DC converters from Vicor Corp. are only a quarter-inch high and conform
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    are limited and where low leakage current is necessary. XP Power, Littleton, MA. Ball-grid array interposer. A ball-grid array (BGA) interposer converts a lead-free integrated-circuit (IC) package into a device -adapter board assembly with tin-and-lead-solder ball terminals. IC packages
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    . Available in up to 648 positions, low-inductance Interposer contacts connect to the instrument through printed wiring board technology. AMP Inc., P.O. Box 3608, Harrisburg, PA 17105. Micro PCB terminal block According to its manufacturer, a micropitch PCB terminal block with 2.54-mm pin spacing
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    various characteristics and options. Having such a variety available has contributed to the reasons CSP has not achieved the mainstream deployment enjoyed by kindred BGA devices. The options often confuse even the most knowledgeable product designers and systems developers. Interposer/Substrate
  • Spin-Coating Waferbumping Fluxes for Semiconductor Assembly: Ensuring Pristine Microbumps in Dimensional Devices
    are. interposer (2.5D and 3D architectures)— primarily to: as key enablers of “More than Moore”. • Allow high I/O ultrafine pitches. Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, Senior. Product Manager, Semiconductor. As a concomitant, flip-chip on interposer. ( <100microns) without solder bridging. Assembly Materials
  • Port Sealing: An Effective Heat Sealing Solution
    or fixture. There also usually is a layer of interposer material to prevent sticking between the heat seal die and the film material during the heat sealing process. Some port heat sealing applications require an engineered material to be underneath the port to act as a back stop or heat sink for the heat

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