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Parts by Number for Intrusion Detector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
350901N00-GYD-6G ASAP Semiconductor FOXCONN Not Provided INTRUSION DETECTOR
26-023212-001 ASAP Semiconductor CHENBRO Not Provided INTRUSION DETECTOR SWITCH FOR

Conduct Research Top

  • Volume Verification for Detector Tube Pumps
    an unbroken tube in the pump, activating a pump stroke and watching for some telltale motion that would indicate unwanted air intrusion.
  • Medical Device Link .
    to temporarily plug extremely small leaks, thereby preventing accurate fine-leak retesting. This temporarily plugged leak can also provide a conduit for moisture intrusion later. Cumulative Helium Leak Detection. Figure 2. (click to enlarge) Cumulative helium leak detector. The CHLD method consists
  • Medical Device Link . Filter Technology Separating the Good from the Bad
    and evaluates performance under aqueous conditions. Pore size is calculated from measurements of capillary force, pressure, and water height. The method is described in ASTM F 316. The bubble point test cannot be used for hydrophobic membranes, as they do not wet evenly. The water intrusion
  • Alarm Control for Sewage Lift Station Monitoring Systems
    E2210s are connected to fire detectors and magnetic switches for intrusion alarms. All alarm signals are updated to the central SCADA so field engineers can receive email and voicemail notifications. Why Moxa. Simple Click &Go TM setting requires no programming knowledge to set alarm thresholds. Patent