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  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design
    This reference design provides a hardware and software solution for Sensorless Brushless dc motors. This document includes complete schematics, printed circuit board layout, and firmware. The Sensorless. Brushless dc motor reference design may be used as a starting point for motor control system
  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)
    (steps up the DC battery voltage to a constant high-voltage DC) 2)Full-Bridge Inverter (converts DC voltage to a sinusoidal AC output) 3)Flyback Switch Mode Charger (current source and charges battery with constant current). Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC AN1279. Offline
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Reference Design
    allows. for high quality output. The control algorithms and software are written in C for. • Flexibility - core control features and operations. maintainability and transportability. can be changed with software modifications only. PICREF-1 Key Features. • Transportability of Design. • True UPS
  • Careers: Good Job for Young Engineers: Design the City of the Future
    Engineer IV, Chula Vista, Calif., Senior Software Design Engineer, Charlotte, N.C., Mechanical Engineer, Benton Harbor, Mich., Conducted as part of the upcoming Engineers Week ( ), the annual competition introduces tens of thousands of seventh and eighth graders to the rigors of creating
  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    . Rectifier/. Inverter. DIAGRAM. Charger. Static Switch. Battery. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS. AC Input. Load. The reference design in this application note describes. the design of an Offline Uninterruptible Power Supply. (UPS) using a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). dsPIC® Digital Signal Controller (DSC
  • Wideband Pseudo-Elliptic Waveguide Filter
    Waveguide ports are used to excite a microwave filter constructed from WR-90 waveguide with cavity-backed inverters and multiple irises. Wideband Pseudo-Elliptic Waveguide Filter - Application Examples - Remcom. Home. Products. Software and Services Overview. XFdtd. XStream Acceleration. Wireless
  • Medical Device Link .
    ) inverters that provide efficient and reliable alternatives for powering up to four cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs) in large, backlit LCDs where conventional inverters would not fit. Also featured was the Model MC inverter platform, which has been developed for display engineers who need to provide
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The low-profile inverter can handle up to 5 W of output power and is available in 5- and 12-V designs. Custom input voltages of 3.3 -48 V dc can be designed upon request. Applications include single- or dual-lamp LCDs in signature capture devices and embedded designs. The vacuum-encapsulated design

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