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  • Re: Convert Welder to AC Gen Set?

    No simple ones. A large and expensive inverter would be required, or a rewire of the inverter internals to get the right output voltage and regulation (perhaps possible but an additional transformer would likely be required as the one in the welder is NOT rated for continuous operation or the outpu...

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Nelson Stud Welding
1/2 Inch, Portable, Compact, Inverter Stud Welder

By no means light in power & precision, this new, dependable, compact and lightweight stud welder from Nelson Stud Welding can deliver up to 800 amps for 1/2" (12mm) full base diameter stud welding. Propelling stud welding into the 21st century the Nelweld ® N800i ™ is Nelson's third generation inverter technology and boasts some great features, including: Friendly User Interface. 10* preset buttons. Bright alpha-numeric displays. Graphic gun. Weld quality indicator detects bad...

BUG-O Systems, Inc.
Zipper Welder

The Bug-O Zipper Welder is designed to weld vertical seams on field storage tanks. The system is composed of two standard components: box rail assembly with carriage and the Modular Drive tractor. The box rail assembly with carriage hangs over the top lip of the course section. It can be rolled into position and is held there by powerful on/off magnets. There are box rails available for 8' seams and 10' seams. The Zipper Welder utilizes the Modular Drive tractor and offers systems setup...

BUG-O Systems, Inc.
Stiffener Welder

The Stiffener Welder is a self contained, dual head welding travel carriage with integrated wire feeders and spool mounts. It will produce continuous or programmable imtermittent fillet welds on stiffeners with heights of 4" to 18" (102-457mm) and widths of 4" to 12" (102-305mm). The unit is self propelled and runs directly on the stiffener. Spring loaded floating torch holders compensate and maintain torch standoff with variations of work piece fit-up. The machine can be used with solid...