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  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)

    circuits are employed in the RF generator sections of solid state. welders. These are the current fed inverter circuit and the voltage fed inverter circuit which are illustrated. in Figure 1. On the surface, these circuits appear to be very much the same. Both consist of a DC power. supply section

  • The Importance of Voltage Monitoring and Checking (.pdf)

    attention is given to the importance of monitoring and controlling voltage levels. Although today's welding power supplies usually provide repeatable output, actual weld results may vary depending on other factors that significantly impact the weld circuit's resistance profile. Adding voltage checking

  • Maximize Your Uptime: Reducing Risk of Power Supply Failure (.pdf)

    of this equipment are: • electric motors. • drives/inverters. • compressors. • welders. A well-designed system has to transmit power with the lowest impedance possible. Having a highly efficient. distribution system will transfer the surges produced throughout the facility with minimal loss. Surges

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  • Re: Convert Welder to AC Gen Set?

    No simple ones. A large and expensive inverter would be required, or a rewire of the inverter internals to get the right output voltage and regulation (perhaps possible but an additional transformer would likely be required as the one in the welder is NOT rated for continuous operation or the outpu...

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    I want to power my house with solar power during the day without using batteries Is there an inverter in the market that can do this job

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    What is the formula to determine inverter charger watts requirment for a 42VDC battery @ 20.8 AH ?

  • Welding Stainless Steel to Soft Steel

    I have a small wire welder and want to weld stanless steel pipe to regular steel pipe ( exhaust ) can it be dine and what do I need. My welder is gasless...

  • Solectria Renewables' SMARTGRID Inverters to Power Projects Totaling 22MW in Massachusetts

    LAWRENCE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Solectria Renewables, LLC, a leading U.S. PV inverter manufacturer, announced at the PV America show today in Boston, MA, that IESI (Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.) has chosen Solectria Renewables SMARTGRID Inverters for seven projects in Massachusetts totaling 22MW. These projects are a combination of the Concord Landfill, the Grafton Water District (a water utility in Grafton which required MassDEP permission to construct), and five commercial sites (

  • Does the Inverter Type Split AC Energy Efficiently?

    Hi; Normally simple split type air conditioners have been using for many years but now many companies have introduced "inverter type" split ACs in which compressor is powered via an inverter. The companies quote such ACs as "energy efficient" because system controls the compressor RPM according

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Nelson Stud Welding
1/2 Inch, Portable, Compact, Inverter Stud Welder

By no means light in power & precision, this new, dependable, compact and lightweight stud welder from Nelson Stud Welding can deliver up to 800 amps for 1/2" (12mm) full base diameter stud welding. Propelling stud welding into the 21st century the Nelweld ® N800i ™ is Nelson's third generation inverter technology and boasts some great features, including: Friendly User Interface. 10* preset buttons. Bright alpha-numeric displays. Graphic gun. Weld quality indicator detects bad...

DCC Corporation

can become proficient quickly. 8. Making and installing thermocouple junctions with a thermocouple welder is extremely economical because sensor costs become wire costs. 9. Welded surface junction provides an accurate thermocouple, having a high speed response characteristic. 10. Capacitive discharge techniques provide fabricating speed, sensor accuracy, and easy welding of both ordinary and high temperature sensor wires.  . Starting in 1982, DCC Corporation created a line of welders using...

DCC Corporation
Fascinating Facts about Thermocouple Welders

of welders using straightforward circuit design that both enhance reliability and repairability. The standard components used in the design facilitate repair operations and are readily available when needed. View Products. With DCC's welder offerings, operator control functions are simple and straightforward. Weld initiation is activated by pushing a firing button. The variable power setting feature supports various wire sizes. Welding operations are performed in the open, so the user can fabricate...