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  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    . combustible gas concentration exposure. problems. This sensor type consists of a single. The catalytic bead or “hot wire” sensor is the. IR source, a beam splitter, and two detectors. A second mode of catalytic combustible. most common combustible gas detector. (Figure 3). One detector is used
  • Digital Holographic Capture and Optoelectronic Reconstruction for 3D Displays
    : Schematic depicting a typical inline DH setup. M: Mirror,. technology does work as shall be demonstrated by theoretical. P: Polarizer, BS: Beam Splitter, Ph: Pinhole, and MO: Microscope. and experimental results presented in this paper. Objective. Some of the major challenges are: (i) the removal
  • Guide to Glass (.pdf)
    . IR, Visible. Dichroic Color. Dichroic Color Filters are band pass filters that pass or reflect one part. of the visible spectrum while passing another through. An example is a. red, blue, or green filter. Beam Splitter
  • Analytical techniques
    interferometer unit comprises the above light sources, their power supplies, the detectors for laser light and white light, the beam splitter, the retroreflectors, the transfer mirrors and the interferometer arm. The interferometer arm is distinguished by its twin-pendulum design, which contributes
  • New, High Performance, Durable Polarizers for Projection Displays
    zer. i. Wire Gri. e. d Pola. d. r. Pola iz. i e. z r. Lamp. m. Beam. Be. Dum. am. p. Dum. Li. L nea. i. r. nea Polarized. Randoml. m y Polarized. i. L. igh. i t. Exit Aperture. Transmitted. mitte. Linear p-Polarize. i d Ligh. i t. Li. L ght. i. Linear s-Po. P lar. l ized L. d igh. i t. Lens. Randomly
  • Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing
    , because the polarization of the returning light is mostly rotated by 90° as it emerges from the λ/4 wave-plate, it can be almost completely redirected into the CGWS by a polarizing beam splitter, resulting in the highly efficient use of the backscattered light. View larger version: In this window

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