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  • Selecting a Flame Detector
    Detectors. When a UV optical sensor is integrated with an IR sensor, a dual band detector is created that is. sensitive to the UV and IR radiation emitted by a flame. The combined UV/IR flame detector. offers increased immunity over the UV detector,, operates at moderate speeds of response
  • Infrared Detector Basics (.pdf)
    construction and. its performance the pyroelectric detector is one of the most widely-used thermal infrared detectors. In figure 1 the individual stages of the transformation from infrared radiation to an electrical signal is. represented. Via a window or IR filter with a transmission rate F
  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    . combustible gas concentration exposure. problems. This sensor type consists of a single. The catalytic bead or “hot wire” sensor is the. IR source, a beam splitter, and two detectors. A second mode of catalytic combustible. most common combustible gas detector. (Figure 3). One detector is used
  • Fundamentals of the Infrared Physical Layer
    for the receiving circuit to detect. The Link. Budget for IR is handled in the same way. The unit. measure of energy in IR is mW/Sr, with ‘Sr’ being the. abbreviation for steradian. Understanding the. steradian is key to planning for the energy available in. the application.  2004 Microchip Technology
  • Serial and Parallel Thermal Compensation (.pdf)
    of categories. One of the most commonly. used in infrared (IR) applications, is the pyroelectric detector type that derives its output from changes in the. electrical polarization of certain crystals with temperature. Commercially available single crystal pyroelectric materials have been developed which
  • Ther Versatility of the Vibrating Element (.pdf)
    industries use gas chromatography (GC), infrared (IR), flame ionization detectors (FID), thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) and other technologies to determine process gas properties or gas stream composition. The vibrating element type, gas measurement method is a reasonably matured technology, but only
  • Applying Neural Network Technology To Next Generation Flame Detectors
    flame-sensing technologies. with highly intelligent neural network processors. The. in use today: ultraviolet (UV), ultraviolet / infrared. result is a breakthrough flame detector that provides the. (UV / IR), dual infrared (IR2), triple infrared (IR3), and. industry’s most reliable discrimination
  • Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor (.pdf)
    incandescent lamp was used. as the IR source and installed at one end of the gas cell. The LIM 262 pyroelectric detector was installed at. the other end. Due to the high signal of approximately 1 V and the low offset of 1 mV substantial reduction in. the complexity of the analog circuit is achieved

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