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  • IR vision: more than meets the eye
    detected. IR may be added to an existing system and share some or most of the major components, such as software and some mechanical components. In most cases, however, cameras and lenses
  • Short-wave IR imaging invades machine vision
    detectors use reflected light to generate high-resolution images. IR cameras, by contrast, sense heat only, producing lower-resolution images. Although InGaAs cameras and arrays are as simple to operate as silicon CMOS imagers, they look at a different wavelength band which
  • Lens Distortion Correction and Registration of Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery
    It is a good idea to take both visible and thermal IR images. Geometric resolution is unbalanced, and each image is sensitive to a different range of the electromagnetic spectrum. To acquire a visible image of a target with a thermal camera, you need to determine or describe the appearance
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Optics: Part 1
    glass types are used in the near IR region of the spectrum, but their transmissions vary greatly. Finally, the glass types have an impact on manufacturing capabilities, which directly relate to cost. For more information on our different glass types, please see our Glass Materials page. Note
  • Medical Device Link .
    integrated circuit assembled to a wire lead frame or printed circuit board. The assembly is then moulded or cast with epoxy lenses (Figure 1). Typically, the epoxy contains filtering material that blocks visible light and allows only the IR light to pass through. Currently, more than five suppliers of IR
  • Safer inspection of high-energy control panels
    . Above, a fuse clips heat up. And bottom, a motor lead shows signs of warming. AN IR camera can be swiveled to record the entire inside of an electrical cabinet through the fisheye lens of a SpyGlass viewport. It can be a frustrating question if you're a plant manager worried about electrical hardware
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    Power Technology, Inc.'s infrared viewers work by focusing the infrared light reflected by or emitted from a chosen subject onto the image tube. An electron image is generated in accordance with the incident intensity and the S-1 spectral sensitivity of the photocathode material. The IR viewer
  • Cut the Lights
    John Null, is in microcomputer programming and in the Fresnel lens beaming room light to the infrared sensor. The Fresnel lens is a special design that has both vertical and horizontal elements. Room light passes through it onto a two-element IR detector. "We've refined the detection technique

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