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Parts by Number for IR Lens Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
4004IR Digi-Key Serpac Boxes, Enclosures, Racks BOX LENS INFRA-RED M-4 SERIES
IR42-21C/TR8 ASAP Semiconductor EVERLIGHT Not Provided IrLED 940nm 1.8mm 2-Pin Chip Water Clear Lens
FLK-LENS/TELE2 Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement IR TELEPHOTO LENS
FLK-LENS/WIDE2 Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement IR WIDE ANGLE LENS
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  • Correct Use of IR Thermometer
    temperature ranges to 3000°C. Keep in. mind that only the surface temperature can be measured. Section 2 The Infrared Measuring System. An IR thermometer can be compared to the human eye. The lens of the eye represents the. optics through which the radiation (flow of photons) from the object reaches
  • How Do IR Thermometers Work?
    energy it is a simple process to read the temperature of an object. The device receives the IR radiation that is naturally given off from the object and uses a system of lenses to focus the energy on a receiver, which turns the energy into an electrical signal. After this signal is interpreted
  • Reexamining the Potential of Infrared (IR) Touchscreens
    gauge sensors mounted. inside the CRT enclosure or inside a pizza-box-shaped platform that supported the CRT). The “contact lens” approach, which included a sensor overlay mounted directly to the curved surface of the CRT,. was overwhelmingly adopted over the IR and strain gauge approaches. because
  • IR vision: more than meets the eye
    detected. IR may be added to an existing system and share some or most of the major components, such as software and some mechanical components. In most cases, however, cameras and lenses
  • Short-wave IR imaging invades machine vision
    detectors use reflected light to generate high-resolution images. IR cameras, by contrast, sense heat only, producing lower-resolution images. Although InGaAs cameras and arrays are as simple to operate as silicon CMOS imagers, they look at a different wavelength band which
  • Lens Distortion Correction and Registration of Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery
    It is a good idea to take both visible and thermal IR images. Geometric resolution is unbalanced, and each image is sensitive to a different range of the electromagnetic spectrum. To acquire a visible image of a target with a thermal camera, you need to determine or describe the appearance
  • Medical Device Link .
    integrated circuit assembled to a wire lead frame or printed circuit board. The assembly is then moulded or cast with epoxy lenses (Figure 1). Typically, the epoxy contains filtering material that blocks visible light and allows only the IR light to pass through. Currently, more than five suppliers of IR
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    into the output phosphor screen. The fluorescent green light output. (550nm) is observed via an adjustable eyepiece lens. What are common applications for an infrared viewer?. Laser alignment & safety. Near-IR viewers are ideal for applications involving the alignment of. infrared laser beams or of optical

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