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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RLK31-8-2500-IR/31/115 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Sensor, Photoelectric, Diffuse, 0-2500mm Range, AC/DC, 5 Wire, 2m Cable, 205234
RLK31-8-2500-IR/31/115 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Sensor, Photoelectric, Diffuse, SPDT, 2.5 Meter Range, 2 Meter Cable, 205234
RL23-8-H-2000-IR/47/92 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Sensor, Photoelectric. BGS, Infrared, 50-2000mm Range, 10-30VDC, M12, 419449
240-037 Digi-Key Digilent, Inc. Programmers, Development Systems ACCY IR RANGE SENSOR
144-041 Digi-Key Digilent, Inc. Sensors, Transducers IR RANGE SENSOR
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  • IR Range Estimator
    In less than a minute, the IR Range Estimator tool determines if the object you're detecting with the Si114x proximity and ambient light sensors will be within range, and if the SNR threshold is high enough to trigger a detection. Simply choose your application, modify parameters and get your
  • Correct Use of IR Thermometer
    : Radiation characteristics of a blackbody in relation to its temperature. 3. Looking at Fig. 3, then, the goal should be to set up the IR thermometer for the widest range. possible in order to gain the most energy (corresponding to the area below a curve) or signal. from the target. There are, however, some
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    cycle. For example, a sensor mounted on an automotive engine will see dither, or small localized contact movement at frequencies in the 50 100 Hz range. For a 10-year automotive service life, 4000 hr is an average operation time used for life estimates. Therefore, for an engine with an average
  • Opto Sensors - Typical Applications
    Contacts. Cross Reference. Video. Cameras. BC420. BCIP520. BCLL600. CB600VF. CB420WM24. CD420WM24. CD600WM24. CDIP530V-IR. CDIP530V. D600VF. ID420. ID420VF. ID550. ID550VF. MP10X. MV600. OB600. V420IR. V600IR. DVR. DX4. DX8. DX16. WN4H. WN8H. WN16H. Lenses. Accessories. Aleph Opto Sensors - Typical
  • View to the Future: CCD and CMOS Sensors Today and Tomorrow
    include the HDRC (High Dy-. technique that is not widely applied to. considered, the CMOS camera systems. namic Range) CMOS image sensor from. CMOS sensors as of yet. The read-out. show their advantage. When comparing. IMS Vision (, Stuttgart,. noise and the dark current are much bet
  • High-Speed Infrared Sensors for Temperature Monitoring
    solid state physics, al owing acquisition time of. less than 10ms for temperature measurements within the range from -10 to 300°C . Design of high speed IR-Sensors. Fig.1: Principal of infrared thermometers. Fig. 1 shows the basic design of an IR thermometer. The infrared wavelength of the target
  • Selecting The Right Sensor
    . From 0 C to +100 C its resistance changes from 100.00 to 138.50 ohms, a difference in 38.50 ohms. If we had been using 1mA sensing current Ohms law (V=iR) tells us that we would see a difference of 38.5mV over this range. By comparison, a type E thermocouple, which proveds the highest sensitivity
  • Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics
    sensors: •. High ‘power-sensitivity product’ will extend battery life,. while enabling maximum detection range. •. 16-bit effective resolution at distances up to 100 mm will. provide measurement precision at real-world range. •. Integrated, quality IR filters will reject ambient light. proximity

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