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  • Cast Iron
    excellent machinability (even at wear-resisting hardness levels), damps vibration, and aids lubrication on wearing surfaces (even under borderline lubrication conditions). When most of the carbon remains combined with the iron (as in white iron), the presence of hard iron carbides provides good abrasion
  • Guidelines for Designing and Machining Meehanite Austempered Ductile Iron Castings
    The special features tht make MEEHANITE ADI a suitable material for demanding applications are based on the microstructure. It differs from all other unalloyed or lightly alloyed normal carbon steels and cast irons in that its microstructure does not contain any hard and brittle iron carbide, i.e
  • Cast Metal / Iron
    Measuring tool or component such as a base or head attachment are often made from a cast metal such as alumimum, zinc or cast iron. The term "cast iron" refers not to a single material, but to a family of materials whose major constituent is iron, with important trace amounts of carbon and silicon
  • Carbide Grade Descriptions
    materials including gray iron, ductile, nodular and other alloyed irons. The high wear and shock resistance of GA-5023 allows machining at high speeds and a variety of feeds. cover for pdf N. O. I. 800-458-1850. T. P. I. R. C. CARBIDE. G-935 Multi-layer PVD-coated grade for steel milling. S
  • Carbide Design in Wear Resistant Powder Materials
    in three general types: ionic. (e.g. CaC2), covalent (e.g. SiC), and interstitial 3. The important carbides for prealloyed ferrous alloys are. the interstitial types as these have high melting points and are very hard. They are also formed by. elements that are suitable for pre-alloying in iron
  • LEXS: Analysis of Carbide Layers on Steel (.pdf)
    C K, Fe L and K lines. Carbide Measurements. Conclusion. A plasma spray coating on cast iron was measured to. The extremely high performance of the optics enables the. illustrate a carbon coating on steel. The carbide was. LEXS to be ideally suited for light elements from Be to S. about 2 microns
  • Precision Parts in CVD Silicon Carbide
    a CVD graded silicon carbide due to its outstanding thermal conductivity of over 250 W/mK, which is more equivalent to iron or steel, yet offers extreme hardness and wear resistance, even at high temperatures. This material machines well using diamond grinding technology, and there is no real cost
  • Austempering
    and a dispersion of cementite (iron carbide) and ferrite (alpha iron). Bainite is tougher than quenched and tempered structures in certain steels at specific hardness levels. The martensite transformation is a diffusionless reaction that proceeds rapidly (at the speed of sound) as a shear wave

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