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Parts by Number for Iron Water Softener Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
20584 Global Industrial Water Group Inc. Not Provided Fe60mi 64,000 Grain Water Softener & Iron Removal System
20604 Global Industrial Water Group Inc. Not Provided Fe30mi 32,000 Grain Water Softener & Iron Removal System

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    of the biggest contributors to corrosion we typically see with industrial water treatment equipment (softeners, filters and dealkalizers) are galvanic action and contact with air. Microsoft Word - Engineering Notes-Piping.doc ENGINEERING NOTES. What piping materials, black steel piping with cast iron
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    . exchange softener that is regenerated with salt. The water being treated has a TDS level of 4,000 -. 7,000mg/L. The specified target hardness level in the treated stream is <1ppm. In actual service the ion. exchange softener is consistently producing water with a hardness level <0.5ppm. Some novel
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    , the ground water in. some areas of the peninsula has a high level of dissolved iron causing problems. for residents and commercial establishments alike. The traditional and most cost. effective way to condition the water for drinking and process applications has. been with the use of a simple water
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    with a conventional sodium cycle water softener - deaerator pretreatment. Annual chemical savings are over $76,000 and "cycle-up" energy savings are over $15,000 savings using a dealkalizer with chloride form anion ion exchange resin. Reductions in condensate piping replacements can add further cost savings
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