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  • Modeling and Optimization of the Control Strategy for the Hydraulic System of an Articulated Boom Lift
    Modeling of the control valve The control valve (EV) presented in this paper is an innovative (patented) valve with proportional electro-hydraulic actuation developed by NEM S.p.a., an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic valves .
  • Modeling of a novel 3-way rotary type electro-hydraulic valve
    G.D.Caldwell, “Servovalvola rotativa, particolarmente di tipo idraulico (Rotary servo valve , particularly of hydraulic type),�? Italian patent, No: TO2009A000271, 2009.
  • Effectiveness of a glutaraldehyde formulation in decontamination of dental unit water systems
    Should the product be found to be effective for a longer period of use, each dental unit should be provided with: an anti-reflux valve to stop accidental ingestion of disinfectant; a hydraulic mechanism to pump the product to the handpieces and... language: English, Italian .
  • Further Advances in Unmanned Marine Vehicles
    ...field trials, 303, 303f, 304f flume tank drag and propulsion tests, 298–301, 300f, 301f, 302f, 303t hydrodynamic model, 285–286, 285f, 286t motivation, 284–285 overview, 283–284, 285–286 see also autonomous underwater gliders hydraulic motors, in HyBIS, 53–54 hydraulic valve packs, in HyBIS, 54... ...state stability (ISS) IST: see Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) ISUS Nitrate sensor, 190 Italian National Program of...
  • Pressure-reducing control valve for water and gas networks with transformation of the energy to be dissipated in mechanic or electric energy
    An Italian university is offering a patent-pending pressure reducing regulation valve including a turbine shaft. The device is capable of transforming in electric energy the hydraulic energy to be dissipated along the...
  • Navigation and manipulation in an unstructured power plant environment
    ...purpose is to validate and integrate the results achieved by a number of italian academic and research... The testbench ob- jective is to guide an AGV through an unstructured and par- tially unknown environment (such as a power plant) to ap- proach a hydraulic circut that includes analogue indicators and valves .
  • New Literature
    A booklet describes the Italian Research Council [CN R J standard for the calibra- tion of electrical... 106 . HYDRAULIC -VIBRATION TESTING EQUtPMENT A 16-page brochure provides an over- view ot the manufacturer's hydrashaker systems, their accelerat~on-performance curves and system-selection considera- tions Included also are various support components such as electronics, servo- valves , actuators and hydraulic-power...
  • A parallel vision subsystem for robotic inspection and manipulation
    ...multisensory integrated system [8]; this goal results from the research promoted by the Italian Electrical Board (ENEL... 0-7803-1328-3/94$03.0001994IEEE 862 operates on a hydraulic circuit equipped with valves and needle pressure and temperature indicators.
  • Aviogei - Airport Equipment Srl
    All hydraulic cylinders are fitted with check safety valves . Further safety devices are incorporated in accordance with CEE 89/392, ISPESL Italian Safety Regulation and German BVG...
  • Analysis of Advantages and of Problems of Electromechanical Valve Actuators
    ...package “Study and optimization of Spark Ignition Engines�? with the financial support of Italian Minister of Education... REFERENCES 1 Titolo A. , “The Variable Valve Timing System Application on a V8 Engine�? , SAE paper 910009... 9 Bernard L. , Ferrari A. , Vattaneo F. , Vafidis C. “Developments in Fiat's electro- hydraulic variable valve actuation...
  • Motorbike Suspensions
    As happens in any hydraulic circuit, shock absorbers comprise a great number of valves , working together to... ...a demanding task for a hydraulics engineer is managing to fit all the hydraulic functions in the... ...and Heinz Sydekum of Fichtel & Sachs AG, as it appears in an italian patent specification dating...
  • Aquila Oil Field: Safety and Reliability in the Development of Deepwater Field
    ...installation of two control panels; • Electrical power system: installation of two power switches for system interruption; • Shut down in the turret area: installation of at least two non return valve with parallel arrangement on the hydraulic control line of the... ...order to satisfy the classification requirements, as well as the statutory regulations applied by the Italian Administration.
  • Design and analysis of a bionic quadruped robot
    ...configuration had been used in some previous quadruped robots such as HyQ from Italian Institute of Technology... The robot system is actuated by hydraulic system which provides more powerful strength and higher speed. Each of two segments is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder and a proportional valve .
  • BAI develops 6x6 variant of ASA rescue stairway
    Hydraulic systems on the ASA 8 are synchronised and include a stabilisation system comprising four self-levelling hydraulic cylinders fitted with ground support pin and a scissor-lift system operated by two hydraulic cylinders fitted with automatic holding valves . BAI is an Italian subsidiary of US-based Oshkosh.