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Parts by Number for Jet Washer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
708732 Global Industrial Jet Equipment Not Provided Jet Afs-1b-Wof, Wash. Electrostatic Outer Filter For Afs-1000b
737 Global Industrial Mvp Group Corporation Not Provided Jet-Tech Deluxe High Temp Undercounter Ware Washer
F-16DP Global Industrial Mvp Group Corporation Not Provided Jet-Tech Undercounter High Temperature Cup And Glass Washer
F-20 Global Industrial Mvp Group Corporation Not Provided Jet-Tech Hybrid Design High Temp Dish And Tray Washer

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    of 15,000 hours is achieved. Extreme tests prove reliability. Demanding test conditions proved a compelling case for selecting the EC motor from ebm-papst. Obviously the. motor is resistant to pressure washers and of course, thermal shock (motor cooled from 120 °C with a water jet at. 4 °C in 3 seconds at 4
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    and spray pattern. An increase in viscosity lowers the Reynolds number and makes turbulence generation more difficult. High viscosity prohibits the development of any natural instabilities in the forming liquid jet or sheet. The total effect is to delay disintegration and increase the size