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  • Joystick Routines (.pdf)
    In the following examples, a joystick controls the motor. The joystick is a device that produces a voltage in the range between -10V and +10V. The controller monitors this voltage via the analog inputs.
  • Joystick Provides Reliable Programming of Industrial Robots
    Penny + Giles is pleased to announce that it has supplied more than 9,000 JC2000 joysticks for use in ABBis leading industrial robot controllers (IRC). The contract, which was secured through Swedish distributor AB Elwia, follows the successful integration of the joystick as standard in the fifth
  • Joystick Switches
  • A Hands-On Approach (.pdf)
    Advances in position sensor and electronic joystick technology are helping engineers design new control systems for a wide range of industrial vehicle applications.
  • OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface - HotHardware
    Gaming controllers, be it a gamepad, joystick, wheel or mouse, are some of the central defining elements of any gaming experience. Any gamer with a modicum of experience knows how a bad controller or control scheme can completely ruin the experience of playing an otherwise excellent game. Judging
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Joysticks
    How To Install . . . Joysticks October 1999 Vol.7 Issue 10 Add To My Personal Library How To Install . . . Joysticks Joysticks aren't what they used to be. In the days of yore you could plug one into an Atari 2600 system and play a simple, two-dimensional game, using the unit's single button
  • Medical Device Link .
    area, an extendable loading platform, vacuum fixturing, stand-alone operation, a virtual joystick, and the ability to cut conveyored parts. , 309 S. Cloverdale St., Ste. D-25, Seattle, WA 98108. A line of laser micromachining workstations houses UV Waveguide,
  • Smart Computing Article - Input Devices
    devices are becoming more highly developed in response to sophisticated software, better hardware and users' needs. If you are stuck with a keyboard that cramps your hand or a nonresponsive joystick that is spoiling your games, you will see the importance of spending time on your choice of input device
  • Smart Computing Article - Using . . .The Gaming Options Control Panel
    Using . . .The Gaming Options Control Panel February 2001 Vol.7 Issue 2 Page(s) 118 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Using . . .The Gaming Options Control Panel Installing, configuring, and calibrating game controllers (such as joysticks, game pads, etc.) is a snap with Windows Me. First
  • Medical Device Link .
    integrity. Standard features include a 75-mm x-ray detector, an 80-kV 5- um x-ray tube, z-axis movement of the x-ray tube, a joystick-controlled variable-speed x-y stage with a 75 sample rotation fixture, and an image-processing cpu with a 17-in. liquid-crystal display flat-panel monitor. Designed
  • Snake let loose in reactor
    the actuators must push or pull to twist the robot into the desired shape. The robot can carry 22 lb at its tip and has three operating modes. Joystick path-following lets operators drive the tip by viewing a tip-mounted camera, and the computer forces the rest of
  • Automated foundry fights foreign competition
    with little downtime. An operator directs the mixer head via joystick to fill pattern boxes with sand. These get compacted on a vibrating table. Compaction time and vibration frequency are set for each pattern according to mold qualities, and a robotic strickling tool removes excess material. Molds then move
  • Flying Underwater
    , but the wings are upside down compared to a plane 's. With electric motors and propellers providing thrust, the wings travel through the water generating downward "lift, " keeping the slightly buoyant craft beneath the surface. To go deeper, you push the joystick control forward, the nose angles down
  • USB HID Class on an Embedded Device
    Class Defini- operation of computer systems. Some of these devices tion for Human Devices (HID), Version 1.11" include, but are not limited to: a mouse; a keyboard; a (available on the Internet at the following URL: joystick; buttons; and switches. Along with providing

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