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    Acoustic Horns - (20 companies)
    Acoustic horns are relatively low-frequency horns that produce vibration at frequencies that will loosen and clean soot or other undesirable particulate buildup on chimneys, catalyst beds, or other process vessels. Acoustic Horns Information...
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  • Horn Antennas-Image
    Horn Antennas - (40 companies) acoustic horn. Horn antennas are usually fed by waveguides in microwave antenna, high gain antenna and high gain wireless antenna, and microwave antenna applications. The main operating specifications for horn antennas are operating frequency range...
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  • Acoustic Enclosures-Image
    Acoustic Enclosures - (147 companies)
    Acoustic enclosures are full chambers, enclosures, or rooms designed to attenuate or minimize acoustical noise. Acoustic Enclosures Information. Acoustic enclosures are acoustic chambers, noise enclosures, acoustic barriers and screens, and sound...
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  • Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials-Image
    Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials - (427 companies)
    Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Information. Sound proofing and acoustic materials are used to attenuate, deaden, or control sound and noise levels from machinery and other sources for environmental amelioration and regulatory compliance. Sound...
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  • Underwater Acoustic Transducers-Image
    Underwater Acoustic Transducers - (80 companies)
    Underwater acoustic transducers contain both transmitters and receivers and use distance and directional data for communication, mapping and navigation. Underwater Acoustic Transducers Information. Underwater acoustic transducers can contain both...
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    Acoustic and Vibration Test Equipment Repair Services - (58 companies)
    Acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services includes repair and other services for vibration, acceleration and acoustic test equipment, instruments and sensors. Acoustic and Vibration Test Equipment Repair Services. Acoustic and vibration...
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    Hydrophones - (60 companies)
    Hydrophones are underwater acoustic sensors used in marine research, undersea mapping and navigation, and various commercial and military applications. Hydrophones are underwater acoustic sensors, which most commonly use piezoelectric technology...
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    Stethoscopes - (11 companies)
    Stethoscopes are medical instruments which amplify acoustic characteristics of the internal organs of humans and animals. This information is collected to determine the vigor of hearts, lungs, intestines, veins, and arteries. When used...
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    Antenna Design Software - (10 companies)
    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Some applications for antenna design...
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    Speakers - (724 companies)
    ...housed in a case, chassis or enclosure made from wood, metal, plastic, or composite materials. Sealed enclosures or acoustic suspension enclosures prevent air from escaping so that the internal air pressure is constantly changing. Other enclosure...
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  • How is a Rocket like a Guitar? - NASA Science
    One of our 165 decibel acoustic horns at JSC can make as much noise as a space shuttle main engine," he says.
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Verification tests of durable thermal protection system concepts
    Dynamic response of the metallic concepts was evaluated by shaker-table vibration tests and by acoustic exposure in a sound chamber at JSC and in a progressive wave facility at LaRC. … facility used air modulation to generate the noise that prop- agates through a horn to the test …
    JSC can perform a wide range of tests needed to evaluate exposure to harsh acoustic environments and audio communication system performance associated with the powered flight of aerospace vehicles. … high- and low-frequency modulators, which in turn are coupled to the acoustic horns to generate the …
  • Four Legs in the Morning: Issues in Crew-Quarter Design for Long-Duration Space Facilities
    … Caldwell C. Experiment M487, Habitability/Crew Quarters , p.21 ; NASA Technical Memorandum X-58163, JSC -09677 (Houston, Texas … Adams, Constance , Horn James et al. (1997 , July ) A Human Factors Evaluation of the BIO-Plex Habitation … Improved lighting, color, and acoustic environments as well as the introduction of diurnal simulation systems, virtual windows …
  • Seafloor Calibration of High Resolution Acoustic Data and Amplitude Rendering of the "Diapiric Hill," Garden Banks 427
    … thank Shell Oi1:~horc,lnc. liir providing access to the high resolution gcohazards acoustic data on \\hicIi … 1996. "[ Jsc of 3-D csploration scismic data for gcoh:vi~rdsa~ialysis." 1996: "The uselilncss of cnlianccd sclrlicc rcndcrings horn 3D-scismic data Ibr high ~rcsolutiongcoliazard studies." l'roceedit~gsAtblerols …
  • Enabling novel space and terrestrial applications using transducing materials at JPL
    The USDC actuator consists of a stack of piezoelectric ceramics with a backing material that focuses the emission of the acoustic energy forward, and a horn that amplifies the displacements generated by the stack. … space robot called Robonaut, i.e., robotic astronaut (see Figure 9) [http://tommy. jsc …
    A.R.A. Abraham, K.L. Johnson, C.T. Nichols, R.L. Saulsberry, J.M. Waller, “Use of sta- tistical analysis of acoustic emission data on carbon-epoxy COPV materials … … enhanced felicity ratio onset determination”, NASA report JSC -CN-26080, pp. 1 … 33. a) M.G.R. Sause and S. Horn , “Simulation of lamb wave excitation for different elastic …
  • Current literature in mass spectrometry
    … resonance study with single isotopomeric ubiquitin ions Breuker K, Oh H, Cerda BA, Horn DM, McLafferty FW … … mass spectrometry applications Kim SW, Schneider RJ, Von Reden KF, Hayes JM, Wills JSC // Woods Hole … … phase reactions of charged phenyl radicals with neutral biomolecules evaporated by laser-induced acoustic desorption Petzold CJ …
  • Defin(design)ing the Human Domain: the Process of Architectural Integration in Long-Duration Space Facilities
    … however, requires systems which create loud noises, so the impression of privacy is violated by acoustic factors. Houston, TX : Lockheed Martin Space Mission Systems and Services Adams, Constance , James Horn et al. (1997 , July … … Engineers Frassanito, John and Parsons Jon , (1987 , July ) Space Station Wardroom Study and Conceptual Illustrations , JSC -32041 .
  • Type 53 Series Torpedoes - (derivative - SAET/SET)
    … have been offered by the Kazakhstan state-owned Kirov Mashzavod Joint Stock Company ( JSC ) with India believed … … has a propulsor and 'inertial navigation system' while the seeker is both passive acoustic and wake-homing. … launched: Anti-submarine Country Class/Ship Type Mountings/Tubes Sonar China Sovremenny DD 2/4 Bull Horn , Whale Tongue India …

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