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Creative Graphics Kerr-McGee relies on CorelDRAW? to create...
l o r a t i o n , w i t h m a j o r Anthony Mata and the rest of the Kerr-McGee In addition to using CorelDRAW for the very technical production
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TITANIUM By Joseph Gambogi
The paper industry consumes TiO2 pigment as filler (Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp., April 6, 2000, Kerr-McGee and in coatings.

TITANIUM By Joseph Gambogi

Kerr-McGee Corporation is a global energy and inorganic chemical company based in Oklahoma City.

FInal Titanium Dioxide Listing Background Document for the...

EPA Office of Compliance Sector Notebook Project - EPA Office...

IAEA-TECDOC-1403 The long term stabilization of uranium mill...

Titanium dioxide pigment & metal
Titanium dioxide pigment may be manufactured by either the sulfate or the chlorine process (Australia now only use the chlorine process). The

Industry Directory: - The International Community...
Prochem AG Distributor of pigments (manufactured by Ciba and Kerr-McGee) to the Swiss market.

in various starting point formulations ? DuPont 746, Kronos 4311, Millennium 596S, and Kerr-McGee 826S ? and found no difference in performance.
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