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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KEVLAR NO.75 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
3VX-500 KEVLAR ASAP Semiconductor BELL HELICOPTER Not Provided Not Provided
ENP2135M040 ASAP Semiconductor Woodhead Not Provided MALE IND RJ45 TO MALE STD RJ45 PROPLEX-KEVLAR 4M
ENP2105M200 ASAP Semiconductor Woodhead Not Provided MALE IND RJ45 TO OPEN PROPLEX-KEVLAR 20M
ENP2105M400 ASAP Semiconductor Woodhead Not Provided MALE IND RJ45 TO OPEN PROPLEX-KEVLAR 40M

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  • Bulletproofing on a budget
    and Kevlar in the accumulator housing. The downsides to this design strategy are the extra cost and weight of the Kevlar. The extra layers also can take up appreciable space. Sharon, Mass. (, is to use lightweight composite housings. Their structural integrity
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    or Second World Wars but is investigating lighter and stronger designs using woven Kevlar fibres and a phenolic rigid resin matrix that the fibres reinforce. The work is laying the groundwork for the development of a new generation of helmets. Led by principal researcher Prof. Michael Worswick
  • Medical Device Link .
    in complying with ISO requirements. The ankle-case housings had to endure at least 2 million cycles of released 80-kg weight loads equivalent to a person walking 2 million steps. "Over a six-month period, we molded the part using a half-dozen different materials including Kevlar and PEEK," recalls
  • Fast Bike
    Epoxy bonding can be a quick means of throwing together structural parts when you need a fast prototype. The prototype suspension-equipped mountain bike frame is made from carbon and Kevlar laminates bonded with West System epoxy resin. The suspension system is a free-floating design that doesn't
  • Ruggedized RF Photonic Systems Achieve Battlefield SWaP Objectives
    . The fiber-optic interfacility link (IFL) has been designed to seamlessly replace copper coaxial interconnects and takes advantage of the extremely low loss-of-transmission characteristics of fiber-optic cable. Signals are transported using lightweight, Kevlar-reinforced, multi-strand, single-mode
  • Safety Brake Helps Put High-Def Eye in the Sky
    , or if any of the four corner reels lose power, this safety reel pulls the camera up and away from players and spectators. The safety cable incorporates a Kevlar component, making it strong enough
  • A Few Tips for Solving the Unsolvable
    made of Kevlar, such as military and police vests, can already stop high-speed projectiles. Mathcad and FEA programs can provide a way to model and test improved designs of the material that will have a good correlation to real-world performance. Half the engineering battle in solving problems
  • Molding a better plastic nut
    polymers and special additives and fillers also let designers bolster structural integrity or add internal lubricity. Carbon fibers, fiberglass, and Kevlar fillers boost nut strength and thus load-carrying capacity. Silicon and PTFE additives,on the other hand, form lubricated layers at the thread

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