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  • Reference Guide: Avocent SwitchView MP KVM Switch
    video monitors, and four mice. That would also take up a lot of space and waste expensive electricity. But with a KVM switch (keyboard, video, mouse), I can use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control all four systems. Avocent SwitchView MP. Product Reviews. In Brief. When you have several
  • Server Cabinet & KVM Switches FAQ
    cables. Then check the usable depth of the Server Cabinet you are purchasing. KVM is the industry term for Keyboard-Video-Mouse. A KVM switch allows single or multiple workstations to have local or remote access to multiple computers located in server rooms or on the desktop regardless
  • Advancing the Art of KVM Switches
    Networked keyboard, video and mouse (also known as KVM via IP) is the third major step forward in server operations management. The first step was mounting servers in racks, while analog KVM provided the second step. You can imagine what server farms would look like without these advances. KVM via
  • USB True Emulation for KVM Switches
    . White. with. 5th black. diamond. BLACK BOX®. USB True Emulation for KVM Switches. Introduction. Remember the good old days? Car journeys needed maps not satel ites, mobile phones were too large to lose, and the Bakelite®. knob on your keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switched you between computers
  • Computer Power User Article - It's Time To Switch Things Up
    of consumer PCs sold have gone into multiple-PC households. This has been going on so long, many of us have more systems in storage than in use. You could put those forgotten friends to work, but who has the space (or money) for more sets of peripherals? Well, that s what KVM (keyboard, video, monitor
  • Case Study: Avocent KVM over IP Rises to the Surface as Sydney Water Corporation IT Solution
    management of its comprehensive IT systems more efficient. The decision to choose a KVM solution from Avocent has assisted with the day-to-day management of Sydney Water's servers. A KVM switch allows one keyboard, monitor (video) and mouse to easily switch between controlling several severs. A KVM
  • Touch Screen Selection Guide
    switch banks are software programmable, making changes is significantly less costly than modifying a control panel that contains mechanical switches and indicators. Using touch input an unskilled user can operate a complex computing device by interacting directly with the video display with relative
  • Case Study: Manitoba Hydro Gives Data Center a Power Boost
    . Manitoba Hydro used analog KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches for local control of their servers. Remote control needs were handled through software tools. Unfortunately, this approach presented several limitations. For example, in cases where a remote server was unhealthy, software remote access tools