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  • Mercury Monitoring in a Cement Kiln
    mercury levels in. fuel used and their combustion. contains a fast loop that prevents. the bag house. This modern kiln is. efficiencies. particulate clogging and requires. located in Northern Florida with. less frequent maintenance by using. a five-stage preheater, pre-calciner,. a glass

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  • A new temperature control strategy for foam glass kiln and its application
    The structure of the controller is modified at any time in the process of production according to the temperature output error, and its aim is to achieve the best optimal control of the foam glass kiln .
  • Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings - Materials & Equipment/Whitewares
    ...Clad: A Unique New Alternative to Carbide, Tool Steel and Flame Spray Wear Surfaces; Environmental and Health Aspects of Glass Furnace Repairs; An Accurate... Heat-Treatment Controller ; Heat Reclamation: A Giant... ...from Kilns; Micro-Computer Kiln Control; Measurement and Control...
  • American Ceramic Society Bulletin, February 1999
    Profiles in Ceramics: Joel P. Moskowitz; How to Select Solid Reagents for Acid Gas Scrubbers; On the Cutting Edge of Glass - Past, Present and Future; Thermal... ...New Generation of Low-Mass Kiln Furiture; Manufacturing Briefs: Pressure... ...What's New - Kilns and Controllers .
  • CR4 - Thread: Standard Color Codes for Single Phase 220VAC
    I've enough information to complete the project I'm working on: a programmable, solid state controller which will manage temperature and soak cycles for a 2500 degree F electric kiln . I'll be firing large glass and ceramic components.
  • Fuzzy control of burnout of multilayer ceramic actuators
    ...and the 24 AWG gage wire (0.02 , 0.0508 cm, diameter, with glass bead insulation) used... The temperatures of the kiln and sacrificial part are process states that are fed back to the controller .
  • Model predictive control of an infrared-dryer
    ...applications of MPC including super-heaters, steam generator, wind tunnel boiler, a distillation column and glass furnace. ...6] showed the superiority of a model predictive control (MPC) over a feedback controller and 'feedforward action... ...showed that a nonlinear model predictive control offered considerable economic benefits for the kiln drying of timber.
  • Development of a New Horizontal Rotary GDP Coater Enabling Increased Production
    A third MKS mass flow controller is installed and available for future dopant studies. The coating chamber itself is a 5 in. diameter, 20 in. long glass reactor customized from a commercially avail- able controlled atmosphere/vacuum rotary kiln rotated by a motor with programmable motion.
  • Applications of fuzzy sets and approximate reasoning
    combustion control of refuse incineration plant cement kiln glass melting furnace rain water pumping tandem cold mill tunnel ventilation water purification process These examples demonstrate the widespread utility of simple fuzzy logic controllers .
  • Local systems in an automated glass production complex
    The State Institute for the Design and Planning of Glass (Giprosteklo) is at present developing automatic systems... Thus, it is typical that for all units built into the line use is made of control in- struments RP2,andMEO slave mechanisms, and RNTO (RNTT) voltage controllers are employed in- stead of the... ...the heating schedule of the annealing kiln .
  • Improving the Integral Fast Reactor's Proposed Salt Waste Management System
    III.C. Equipment Figures 4 and 5 depict the glass kiln ~melter! con- structed for this project. ...heating tube and the steel “shell�? ~Fig. 4D!, ~e! a type K thermocouple pot- ted to the outside center of the heating tube, ~f! a 1-gal steel paint can shell, ~g! a light dimmer power control- ler , ~h! a small fan...