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  • Guardians between two worlds
    The kinetic sculptures of the Korean artist U-Ram Choe are composed of acrylic resin, stainless steel and moving elements, and have been fascinating people for two decades. To breathe life into his mythological creature "Custos Cavum," the artist relies on maxon motors.
  • Pump Basics
    The most important characteristic of a centrifugal pump is that of converting energy from a source of motion (the motor) first into speed (or kinetic energy) and then into pressure energy. A pump's role is in fact to confer energy to the pumped liquid (energy later transformed into flow rate
  • Pressure Transducer Usage Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy Generation in Energy and Power Generation
    As today's society looks for forms of alternative energy and ways to distance ourselves from fossil fuels, wind power has emerged as a major player in the alternative energy market. Wind turbines function by converting the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy to rotate the wind turbine
  • A Finer Control of Linear Motion
    not change, there is no inertial torque. Also, kinetic energy stored in the rotor and load inertia help increase the pullout torque. is that required to accelerate the rotor inertia and any rigidly attached external load up to speed and overcome any friction torque. Pull-in torque, therefore, is always
  • Holding loads with power-off brakes
    Q. What's the difference between stopping dynamically and holding a load with power-off brakes? How do I correctly size a power-off brake? A. With dynamic stopping the brake must absorb the kinetic energy built up by the inertial loads. In such instances the brake transfers that energy, causing
  • Making Mechanisms Move
    in the program itself or imported via .dxf files. Models have physical properties that include mass, static and kinetic friction, elasticity, moment of inertia, and electrostatic charge. Available constraints in PC-based programs include pulleys, joints, dampers, ropes, inflexible rods, springs, actuators

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