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  • Pro-X Nutraceuticals Triples Mixing Capacity, Reduces Labor and Waste
    elevate the material which is discharged through a plug gate valve into plastic-lined drums. Pro-X Nutraceuticals manufactures and packages vitamins, dietary supplements and herbals from dry powders. IRVINE, CA A former athlete and body builder named Rod Burreson searched for non-pharmaceutical
  • Blending is the Key for a Cup of Fine Tea
    midway along the drum. As the drum rotates, mixing flights or baffles tumble the batch in a multi-directional manner, so that the action is fast, yet gentle to avoid damaging the product. When mixing is completed, the operator opens the plug valve on the discharge gate while the machine continues
  • Case History: Blenders and Feeders Double Output and Labor Efficiency, Three-Year Payback with Improved Quality and Housekeeping
    valve to control material flow to the loss-in-. materials into loss-in-weight feeders. Each of. weight feeders. the mini-silos has a vibrating bin activator. and a 12-in, knife gate valve. A 20-ft blender. empties into another horizontal blender. The feeders measure ingredients into a 20-ft continuous
  • Bringing Powdered Metal Blending In-House, Rotary-Style
    are blended and stored. Raw powder ingredients are weighed in floor hoppers equipped with load cells, and moved pneumatically into surge hoppers positioned above each blender. When an operator initiates a blending cycle, a surge hopper valve opens to discharge accumulated batch ingredients
  • Blending of Would-Be Landfill Turns Out Greener Cement-Based Products
    , preventing segregation of the batch upon discharge through the stationary plug gate valve, as well as promoting total evacuation with no residual. The discharged blend falls through a "pant leg " chute into a hopper and then into a turbopacker that can fill as many as four 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags a minute
  • Economy in Car-making - Powder Metallurgy
    and the batch is bottom-dumped into the blender via a slide-gate valve. Following the mixing cycle, the material is dumped through the mixer's discharge valve into another hopper, which is hydraulically lifted and set on top of the packer. The reason the packing station is located close to the blender