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    methods of microhardness testing in common use today are the Vickers and Knoop tests. The Vickers microhardness test uses a square diamond to make an indentation. Both diagonals of the indentation are measured, and hardness is calculated from those measurements. The Knoop microhardness tester has

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    The resulting Knoop values were digitally converted to Rockwell and Vicker 's hardness scales.
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  • ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Effect of light-emitting diode and halogen light curing on the micro-hardness of dental composite...
    Yearn [7] has presented a review on three main methods to evaluate curing depth of the material: Scrape test, hardness test (Barcol, Vicker 's and Knoop ), and degree of conversion (multiple internal reflection spectroscopy and Laser Raman Spectroscopy).
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    Hall–Petch relation, 240, 242, 244, 298, 429, 562–567 Hardness test ball indentation, 42–43 Brinnell hardness, 37–40, 47 cone indenter, 43–47 Knoop hardness, 45–46 Meyer hardness, 40–42... ...hardness, 46–49 Rockwell to Brinnel conversion , 49 spherical indenter, 46–49 vickers , 39, 43–46, 512, 513...
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    In selecting abrasive resistant materials one should basethe selec- tion on Vickers or Knoop hardness values and convert to Mohs’ hardness numbers (Fig. 3. The relation between Rock- well C numbers and Vicker ’s hardness numbers is shown in Fig. 4.