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Parts by Number for Knurled Nut Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
T2160 National Microchip Switchcraft Inc. Not Provided KNURLED NUT
1823345806 PLC Radwell Hamac Not Provided KNURLED NUT
1823345806 PLC Radwell Rexroth Not Provided KNURLED NUT
5000-635-1 ASAP Semiconductor MECHANICAL PRODUCTS INC Not Provided KNURLED NUT
A-0709-K ASAP Semiconductor SCHURTER Not Provided METAL KNURLED NUT
NRJ-NUT-MK ASAP Semiconductor NEUTRIK Not Provided Nut for NRJ jacks - round metal knurled nut nickel plated br
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  • Captive Nuts
    . These nuts come in strips up to 6 ft long for applications requiring fixed nuts in equally spaced sequences. Clinch nuts have pilot shanks that are clinched or staked onto the parent part through a precut hole. Other forms have a knurled or lobed base ring that is pressed into the panel, displacing
  • Is that a single or a double nut ball screw?
    in Steinmeyer's Unilock are knurled, giving the epoxy something to adhere to, thus keeping the nuts aligned and preloaded. Ball nuts are generally classified as either "singles " or "doubles. " But what one vendor calls a single nut may be called a "double " nut by another. So what is a good
  • Glossary of Caster Terminology
    as it is compressed between a knurled nut and a plastic base. Used primarily in the Food Service industry because it fits into the round legs of food processing tables. Can be used in either square or round tubing. Sold with all the parts as an Expanding Adapter Kit. Fastener: The part of a caster that is used
  • Medical Device Link .
    and 3 1/416, and 1 1/48 and 1 1/44 in. The microconnectors feature an integrated body sleeve. Flexible tubing is attached by means of a knurled nut; a slit clamping ring can be used to fix soft flexible hose. Completely secure, the connection can be undone at any time. The products are available
  • Circuit-board fasteners that won't let go
    and reinstallation of boards. They feature a steel retainer soldered to the board and a separate metal drive screw held in an ABS cap. A knurled shank on broaching fasteners provides a firm, interference fit that resists pullout and rotation. Miniature self-clinching fasteners require minimal space
  • Selecting the Correct Knob
    the operator needs to apply torque using thumb and finger only. Metal or metal-insert wing nuts can achieve quite good clamping force. Here you see the EN 634 inch size, technopolymer plastic Ergostyle® wing screw with tapped brass insert. Knurled rim knobs: This group encompasses a variety of knob
  • Fastening Solutions for Medical Devices
    PINS: industry standard for applications where product quality and. total manufacturing cost are critical considerations. A medical device manufacturer was previously using a. machined knurled Solid Pin in a surgical “grasper” used to. The picture below clearly articulates the differences between