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  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Pressure Sensitives and Adhesives Custom-designed medical-grade adhesive products are supplied by a company with manufacturing capabilities that include coating, slitting, and corona treatment of up to 60-in. widths. Knife-over-roll and gravure processes enable customization
  • Conversion in Aguai (.pdf)
    for the housings and seals necessary to convert. corrugating that spells making bearings last the life of the rolls. heated roll bearings from oil to synthetic grease. Mr. In addition, PFPE greases are nonflammable, non-toxic, chem-. Mattiazzi’s estimates were well in excess of US$10,000
  • Cockling-Protecting PSA Release Liners from Heat and Humidity (.pdf)
    . release lines. Unfortunately, the types of liners that are most resistant to cockling are also. the most expensive. The lowest cost material, densified kraft paper (with a basis weight of 60 or 80 lbs.), is. commonly used but highly susceptible to cockling. The easiest way to improve dimensional
  • Medical Device Link . The Fundamentals of Selecting Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    through the holes onto a narrow roll of paper that was run below. The thickness of the adhesive coating was regulated by narrowing the holes with pieces of tape, producing pressure-sensitive labels that could be applied without moistening or glue. Although the technology may seem primitive
  • Medical Device Link .
    . fanfold kraft paper to create a star-shaped tube of paper to fill voids in a box. FillPak TT is operated with a foot pedal and dispenses the void-fill product directly into the box. The unit generates paper void-fill material at a speed of 60 in./sec. It can be configured as floor-standing
  • The effects of wood
    wires on paper machines5. The foaming can result in loss of vacuum, poor drainage, poor formation, holes and thin spots in the sheet, and over-use of defoamers (which can cause deposit formation). IMPACT ON PULP WASHING The behaviour of wood resin during pulp washing is important in kraft pulping
  • Scale deposit problems
    help eliminate radium sulfate scaling. SCALE DEPOSITS IN THE PAPER MACHINE AREA Barium Sulfate Scales The problem of barium sulfate deposition is not limited to kraft mills since it has been observed in groundwood mills, fine paper machines and linerboard grades16,21. The deposits have also
  • Static Electricity and Ways to Prevent it
    to the damaging. cockling (wrinkling) effects of exposure to humidity. Paradoxically, this resilience to. humidity makes these materials more prone to the accumulation of static charges on the. surface. In contrast, hygroscopic material, such as densified Kraft paper without poly-. coating, benefits