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  • TA024: A Transmitter Chip Set for Wireless Telemetry Applications
    ). The chip-set is designed to operate over the military L and S Band frequencies as well as the lower commercial ISM band. Using these components, M/A-COM has produced IRIG compliant transmitter modules for ballistic telemetry applications. These modules have been successfully flight tested
  • ECCOSORB (R) MCS/SS6M used in US Army HSTAMIDS: Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System
    developing the ground penetration radar (GPR) to eliminate the RF interference being emitted by an L-band transmitter
  • Technical Resource: Common Wireless Terms
    There are so many terms to know that even long-term veterans get confused. L-com will help keep you up to date in b>compiled in our glossary below. New terms are added as we get them so check back here occasionally. Common Wireless Terms | Antenna Gain,dB,FCC,Multipoint,RF,Hz | L-com. Cart is Empty
  • Medical Device Link .
    , where c is the speed of light, f is frequency in Hertz, and l is the wavelength. This can be converted into a more usable relationship: 300 = f l. To illustrate, consider a readily available handheld transmitter operating at 150 MHz, which has a wavelength of 2 m. (UHF-band radios operate at about
  • The Ten Commandments of Wireless Communications (.pdf)
    questions about your application, our products,. or this white paper, contact Black Box Tech Support at 724-746-5500 or. go to and click on “Talk to Black Box.”. You’l be live with one of our technical experts in less than 20 seconds. Ful-Color. Black. 724-746-5500 | Page 2
  • Technology Advances Equal Innovative Earth Station Designs
    . 6763_MITEQTR.indd 1. 3/16/05 9:28:52 AM. As the commercial and military ing it able to support any IF frequency the downlink to the transmit side. satellite communications. whether it's 70, 140 or L-band. Other advances in Ku- and Ka-band. industries matured throughout. LNA design employ spot
  • Adjustable MM-Wave Gain Equalizers (.pdf)
    ). L. L. Fig. 3 Initial and optimized VSWR using. L Fig. 5 Example of a Ka-band parabolic. Fig. 7 Fully adjustable 10 dB parabolic-. a compensating step. equalizer’s performance. slope equalizer’s performance. PRODUCT FEATURE. mensions of the coupling cavity,. to extremely narrow-band ripple. length
  • Microwave Photonic Systems Corportate Capability Statement
    ; Wireless Repeater Subsystem. GPS Fiber Optic Antenna Link (FOAL). Model: OFW 5800; Shipboard GPS Antenna Subsystem. L Band, C Band, X Band, Ku Band Fiber Optic Interfacility Link (IFL). Model: OFW 5300; Multi-Band IFL Subsystem. 18 November 2007. MPS Inc. 9. MPS Inc. 882 South Matlack Street. Unit 104

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