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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
91004141 Global Industrial Dragon Lab, Llc Not Provided Scilogex D1008 Mini-Centrifuge, 91004141, 100-240v, 60hz, 9-Place, Pcr 8 X 2 W/ Cover, Green
91003141 Global Industrial Dragon Lab, Llc Not Provided Scilogex D1008 Mini-Centrifuge, 91003141, 100-240v, 60hz, 8-Place, Pcr 8 X 2 W/ Cover, Blue
91005141 Global Industrial Dragon Lab, Llc Not Provided Scilogex D1008 Mini-Centrifuge, 91005141, 100-240v, 60hz, 10-Place, Pcr 8 X 2 W/ Cover, Pink

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  • Evaluating Thin-cake Pressure Filtration Using the BHS Autopress Technology
    these steps. For example, most pharmaceutical processes will use either an agitated nutsche filter or a centrifuge for the separation and washing step. This article discusses the use of the thin-cake Autopress pressure filter as an alternative to agitated nutsche filters and centrifuges. The results
  • Medical Device Link . The future of automation in clinical laboratories
    , and automation for pre- and postanalytical processes. Modular equipment can either operate as stand-alone instruments independent of other devices, or it can be grouped together to form work cells. Common modular automation devices incorporate centrifuges, decappers, aliquoters, specimen loaders
  • Test it Right for Thin-Cake Filtration Operations
    , centrifuges, belt filters and others. This article concentrates on the testing of pressure or vacuum operations. In solid-liquid separation systems, a wide variety of parameters influence performance. Evaluation and testing procedures can help plants determine the effectiveness of a particular system
  • Clarification of Press Liquor in Fish Reduction Plants
    the press may contain up to 20% insoluble solids. The industry uses two methods of separating solids prior to further processing of liquor or sending it to waste. Horizontal centrifuges have found wide application but in recent years Kason Separators have been used because of low initial cost and minimum
  • Medical Device Link . DNA-chip technologies
    consumption, and decrease sample-preparation errors. For certain applications, integrated Labcard systems have the potential to replace many conventional laboratory systems, such as slab gel instrumentation, thermocyclers, and centrifuges. Aclara expects that its microfluidics technology will expand
  • Medical Device Link . Manufacturing recombinant proteins in a multiuse facility
    to four centrifuges and about 6 ft of benchtop. A typical process starts on Monday and ends on Friday. All processes have centrifugation steps. The availability of multiple centrifuge labs provides scheduling flexibility and minimizes the likelihood of product cross-contamination. Processes
  • CASE STUDY Separating Onion Slices
    . In many applications cyclones can be used in place of decanting centrifuges, providing the desired result at lower cost. Hydrocyclones are supplied in either an open-manifold or a Packed-Vessel configuration. Manifolds (radial or linear orientation) utilize 2-, 4-, 5-, or 10-. inch diameter cyclones

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