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  • Planning and Productivity Software-Image
    Planning and Productivity Software - (1667 companies)
    Planning and productivity software is designed for monitoring and improving efficiency, productivity and project management activities. Planning and Productivity Software Information. Planning and productivity software is designed for monitoring... Learn More
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    Inventory Control Software - (132 companies)
    Inventory control software is used to manage stock levels, record physical inventories, and track trends in item movement and location. Inventory control involves supervising the supply, storage, and accessibility of stock items - both to ensure... Learn More
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    Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) Devices - (20 companies)
    ...and other standards organizations. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices that come with integral software carry specifications for the computer processor, memory, number and type of ports, hard disk, and operating system. Selecting lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices... Learn More
  • CMM, Gage, and Inspection Equipment Services-Image
    CMM, Gage, and Inspection Equipment Services - (178 companies)
    ...probe, the control or computing system, and the measuring software. Specifications for CMMs include X-axis measuring length, Y-axis measuring length, Z-axis measuring length, resolution, and work piece weight. For more information on CMMs, visit... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Retail Software - (39 companies)
    Retail Software Information. Retail software is used by small-to-medium size businesses to calculate taxes, manage inventory, run payroll, and determine pricing. Users include point of sales (POS) stores, retail outlets, and warehouses. Types... Learn More
  • Purchasing Software - (22 companies)
    ...applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, accounts payable (AP) software, and warehouse management systems. Inventory control software is used for managing stock levels, recording physical inventories, and tracking trends in item movement... Learn More
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) - (870 companies)
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software supports the entire business process. Typically, ERP consists of modules such as marketing and sales, field service, production, inventory control, procurement, distribution, human resources (HR), etc... Learn More
  • Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) - (104 companies)
    Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is used to monitor the status, deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets. Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is used to monitor the status , deployment, performance, and maintenance... Learn More
  • Accounting Software - (91 companies)
    ...functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Accounting software may also include modules for general ledger, billing, stock or inventory, and sales and purchase orders. Additional accounting software... Learn More
  • Construction Software - (62 companies)
    ...and the management of spare parts inventory. Some service management software is designed for use as part of a larger accounting system. Other applications allow electrical and mechanical contractors to prioritize jobs. General contractors often use cost... Learn More
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Conduct Research within a specific area code. , a California software company, the site features parts inventories from dealers, parts stores, warehouse distributors, and others. It has an "eBay "-style marketplace where dealer items may be posted with details and pictures. "Our new site is the perfect place...

...analyzers, any downtime due to instrument malfunctions is disastrous. In the past few years, remote instrument analysis via device relationship management (DRM) has become an integral part of instrument quality control. DRM is software that enables interactive monitoring and servicing of lab...

...detailed results in easy-to-view diagrams, visually depicting changes in white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. To streamline inventory and simplify lab operations, Cell-Dyn Ruby only requires four reagents. In addition, this instrument utilizes advanced yet intuitive software with online...

) systems that help retailers, libraries, and other establishments prevent theft and track inventory. Recently, the Center has. MPMN: Industry News. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire...

RFID Tag May Improve Patient Safety An external body tag is the latest application of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to reduce medical errors in hospitals. RFID has received a lot of attention as a technique used by large retailers, such as Wal-Mart, to scan and track inventory...

...including inventory replenishment, peer review of quality control data, analyzer software upgrades, test counts for cost-per-reportable invoicing, and real-time troubleshooting alerts. Laboratorians no longer have to be in a laboratory to monitor the health of an instrument, and manufacturers can... codes for inventory management. Photo courtesy of Sonic Air. Because EDI and codification standardization are possible with tutorials and off-the-shelf software, LaHowchic believes that these solutions are available to companies of all sizes, and that moving ahead technologically doesn't have...

...narrow GW Associates opens SECS/GEM software to NT/COM-based architecture Lucent claims fastest 1-volt DSP developed by Bell Labs Mitel's Q2 sales, net income remain flat as backlog increases IMEC researchers, ASM collaborate on ALCVD for high-k dielectrics Kobe Steel to support Zayante 1394 products...

...area networks that use the human body to conduct data signals. For more than five years, aggressive IT departments, network vendors, consultants, and systems providers have been working to solve the problems of transmitting patient records, interoffice e-mail, medical literature, and lab results...

...and to hospital databases, simulation software and a "smart cart, " used to manage prescriptions and administer medications. Each patient involved in the pilot will be issued a smart bracelet including an RFID chip, while medication packages will also feature smart labels enabling real-time management of data...

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Inventory Software Automatically collect &nbsp Alchemy Lab Network Management &nbsp

Chemical inventory software, Lab equipment calibration and...
Software and Solutions Chemical Inventory Inventory Management Laboratory Software
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Lab Operations
Lab Operations Software Inventory Management
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Validated 140-1 and 140-2 Cryptographic Modules
CST Lab: NVLAP 100432-0 Mocana Cryptographic Loadable Kernel Module (Software Version: 5.5f) (When operated in FIPS mode)

: Software : Manufacturing (541) Open Directory - Computers: Software: Manufacturing the entire directory only in Software/Manufacturing

Asset Tracker for Networks - Free Trial Download - Tucows...
Are you a software author? Visit to learn how to submit your software to Tucows Downloads.

Tools and Software MCU Software Library - ASF Software Libraries IBIS and Models BSDL
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Get Started - Touchscreens Solutions
Tools and Software MCU Software Library - ASF Software Libraries IBIS and Models BSDL
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Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February 2008
Affected Software Windows.?For more information, see the Affected Software and Download Locations section.
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Hardware Inventory Software Download - Network Device...
Software Demo Download Hardware Inventory Software

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