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  • Medical Device Link . The clinical lab: Manufacturers' friend or foe?
    With all the regulation that pertains to the manufacture and use of IVDs, it might well be assumed that the supply of and demand for such products are in a state of controlled homeostasis. The ability of manufacturers to supply IVDs is constrained by FDA regulations, including those of the Medical
  • Canopy versus Hard Connection Biological Safety Cabinet Exhaust
    above. After much more discussion,. the committee decided to make a strong statement towards canopy connections by. recommending that no type A BSC be hard connected. Annex E, being part of the NSF/ANSI 49-2002 standard is a recommendation for. installation. If a lab safety professional still would
  • The Profitable and Safe Supply Chain - Part 2 (.pdf)
    , plant side quality and lab systems also. an approach to extending the principles of the integrated qual-. provide capability to link validation test results or characteristic/. ity platform through the supply chain. As recent recalls involving. COA data to lots and sub-lots, so the ERP may be one
  • Innovative Technologies Result in a More Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Total Exhaust (Class II Type B2) Biological Safety Cabinet
    per square foot than typical office buildings. Access to more energy-efficient equipment, without any sacrifice in safety and performance, will allow labs to decrease not only energy consumption and operating costs, but also their environmental impact. The BioChemGARD e3 total exhaust BSC from
  • Webcast: Serialization Strategies for Improving Supply Chain Security and Pedigree Compliance
    Industry SAP Support of the Healthcare Supply Chain s Ongoing Effort to Ensure Patient Safety and Drive Business Value How New Technologies Can Improve Compliance in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing From Underperformance to Overachieving: Culture Change at Bayer Berkeley Aseptic Blow-Fill
  • Medical Device Link . Battery Scientists Seek Smaller, Lighter Cells Lithium chemistries have altered the industry, but safety is still a concern.
    the greatest attention lately, thanks to the advent of lithium-ion cells. Fuel cells, generally designed for larger applications, do not need recharging just a constant supply of fuel, usually in the form of hydrogen. LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES Steve Visco, a researcher for Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
  • Medical Device Link .
    is a safety accessory designed to prevent moderate to severe extravasation of contrast agents that may seriously injure patients. This technology integrates with the company 's Stellant computed tomography injection system. Supply and design credit: Battelle Medical Device Solutions (Columbus, OH
  • Medical Device Link .
    and range of diagnostic tests being requested from labs today has placed a greater strain on IVD systems and the supply of skilled technicians. In turn, increasing instrument complexity emphasizes the need to develop instruments that can effectively be used by a progressively less-skilled workforce