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  • The Economies of Scaling Back: How Pressure-Sensitive Labels Can Help Lower TAC
    ” of the label, liners serve an important. role. Liners need to withstand the printing, die-cutting,. lamination and application steps inherent in the converting industry, as well as in the various electronic product. testing and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, far from being thrown away, today, some
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    thermoformers feature a modular design. Both the Compact and Powerpak models can be equipped with various heating, forming, and cutting systems to meet customer requirements. Their high and uniform sealing pressure guarantees hermetically sealed packaging and absolute product sterility regardless
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    ), and the type of cutting used as packages are separated from the webs. The machine is then designed around the tooling. The final design step selects accessories, such as those for printing or affixing labels. THE PROCESS. The basic idea behind the forming method is to take a flat, continuous piece of film
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    . Cutting and folding stations also can be automated. Other products than dressings can be packaged with this equipment, including catheters, diagnostic devices and filters. The product restriction is a height limit of 15 mm. Machine calibration is handled through ports that provide easy access
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    Laser engraving and cutting systems Servo-driven machines and automated systems are suitable for a variety of medical applications where precision and repeatability are required. The Series X5 machines can pick up images from various points on a single clich e plate, print on different areas
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    sampling of these companies committed to serving the medical device industry is profiled in this article. Precision metal cutter minimizes secondary operations. Electrodes and two slides are at the heart of a precision metal-cutting machine developed by Jouhsen-Bundgens USA. High-speed cutoff machines use
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    is a versatile, modular solution for laser engraving and cutting applications. A new laser system is suited for engraving and cutting machines. The SL-4848 Combo system, offered by Online Inc., can be provided with a CO2 and an Nd:YAG laser for processing a wide variety of materials. Along with integrated
  • Subtraction by Addition Pays off for Oven Manufacturer
    laser cutting machine. The Grieve Corporation dates back to its 1949 founding by G.P. Grieve. Originally a fabricator of sheet-metal parts, the Grieve Corporation was drawn into production of industrial ovens by customer demand. Today these ovens come in all sizes and shapes and serve a tremendous