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  • Laboratory Applications
    A laboratory refers to a workplace,. especially in the field of. natural sciences. It is a facility. that provides controlled conditions. in which scientific research,. experiments, and. measuring may be performed. In contrast to the office, the. work in a lab is more handson. This means
  • Statistics for Quality Control Chemistry Laboratory
    Statistics for Quality Control Chemistry Laboratory. Packed with practical case studies and datasets, this book aims to give the reader a grasp of the concept of statistical variation in laboratory data and of the value of simple statistical ideas and methods in thinking about and manipulating
  • TOC Analysis in a Chemical Laboratory
    solutions. With legacy TOC. technologies, reliable analysis of these samples requires either extensive instrument maintenance or the. purchase of multiple instruments dedicated to specific applications. With reductions in today's laboratory. budgets, neither option is ideal.
  • PAT Brings Laboratory Analysis Online
    PAT Movement Bringing Laboratory Analysis Online Among the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's latest admonishments to the pharmaceutical manufacturing community is for the increased use of process analytical technology (PAT). Broadly defined, PAT encompasses a variety of tools, technologies
  • Development and Requirements of a new High Power Laboratory (.
    Ormazabal has installed a new High Power Laboratory in Spain. The requirements for the output of the High Power Laboratory are defined by the equipment ratings to be tested and Standards testing procedures. The High Power Laboratory main equipment must withstand short circuit conditions
  • Ford Research Laboratory Ensures Quality Control and Reduces Inspection Costs with ShapeGrabber
    In developing the Spray Metal Deposition process, the Ford Research Laboratory needed to make 3D measurements of complex tool shapes used at three distinct milestones in the process...
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Choosing the right thermal control element helps ensure accurate functioning of complex electronic, imaging, and processing systems. Equipment engineers seeking to develop faster and more accurate medical and laboratory products are beginning to recognize
  • How to Determine and Specify the Most Appropriate Gas Supply System for Your Laboratory
    System for Your Laboratory: Source of Gas Supply, Distribution of Gas, Point-of-Use Control & Delivery. Gas Supply Sources - Bulk, Mini-Bulk (Tonners), Dewars, Cylinders - individual or multi-cylinder manifolds - centralized or in-the-lab, Generators. Source Delivery Methods - Cylinder Regulators
  • Evolution of the laboratory vacuum pump
    loborotory pump. However, if one $udies the evolution of fie loboratory pump over the po$ 25 yeors, il. becomes opporent thot this is an oreo of significant innovotion, with importonl developments. in high vocuum lechnology, corrosion resistonce, vocuum control, ond improvements in the. efficiency
  • Software Enabled Control
    This edited volume is the product of a research initiative undertaken by the. U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to exploit recent developments in. software and computing technologies for applications to control systems

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