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  • Biochemical modeling
    at PPM that can be used as a tool to predict and evaluate the lagoon performance under varying wastewater characteristics and environmental and physical conditions. A laboratory experiment using a bench scale reactor and the effluent from the mill primary clarifier overflow (PCO) was first used
  • Zirconium Clad Pressure Vessels Offer Cost Savings in Highly Corrosive HCL Service (.pdf)
    of material performance. KEYWORDS. zirconium, clad, reactor, HCl, pressure vessels. INTRODUCTION. For more than 20 years, the owner’s production facilities had been using steam jacketed glass-lined. steel reactors in a critical service, with recurrent problems. The glass-lined steel vessels were lasting
  • Upfront
    systems were virtually identical. ITS is working to make ERT more flexible, so that users won't have to line electrodes around a vessel and wire them up. Along with the glass-lined reactor manufacturer, Pfaudler, ITS is developing a glass Optomix probe (Photo) that would be placed inside a glass
  • Alloy Testing and Selection for a Novel Chlorosulfonic Acid Environment (.pdf)
    (Figure 3). The best laboratory reactor for this simulation was deemed to be a glass, jacketed, 2-liter resin kettle,. with a flat blade Teflonä stirrer. The removable head allowed complete access to the reactor internals. This easy access allowed the fabrication of a Teflonä coupon holder described
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The latter class of filters is especially pertinent to the diagnostic industry. Filter materials can be organized into two broad categories: fibrous structures and membranes. Fibrous materials include lay-downs such as papers, glass fiber, and felts, as well as wovens and nonwovens. Products made
  • Low Speed Carbon Deposition Process for Hermetic Optical Fibers (.pdf)
    . SPECIALTY PHOTONICS DIVISION. and long lengths of pinhole-free fiber. standard telecommunication fibers with. have proven elusive.4. UV-curable coatings. The retained heat. of the fiber will be sufficient to crack the. Inorganic coatings are applied to the. hydrocarbon in a reactor below the. glass
  • A Rare-Earth Approach to Tracing Soil Erosion
    for coloring glass and ceramics and for filtering infrared radiation; samarium, used in magnets, in alloys with cobalt, and in nuclear reactors; and gadolinium, which is also used in magnets. "Effective soil-erosion control requires a thorough understanding of how soil is detached, transported
  • The Gas Phase Hydrogenation of 1,3-Pentadiene: An FTIR Study (.pdf)
    controllers. The catalyst was mounted on a glass which is then hydrogenated to pentane. boat and loaded into the reactor as described in Figure 1. The glass boat is located out. On completion of reaction, the mass balance shows the catalyst to have retained 20% of the. with the beam path such that only
  • Medical Device Link .
    tool and other systems, has an applications laboratory where sample parts can be tested to determine the micro blasting method most appropriate for a customer 's cleaning, cutting, deburring, or texturing application. Its technology is particularly useful for manufacturers of medical devices
  • An Old Quality Lesson From Failure of a New Heat Exchanger (.pdf)
    . exchangers have zirconium tubes and carbon steel shells with a double tube sheet design. HX1 and. HX2 are condensers and HX3 is a cooler. The knock-out pot is fabricated from Zr 702. The reactor. and piping are glass-lined. The failed heat exchanger is HX2. The specific process conditions lead