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  • The Jackson Laboratory
    Dual-sided biosafety cabinet makes Jackson Laboratory more efficient.
  • Primary Laboratory Comparisons
    The most accurate measurements made in a Primary Temperature Laboratory are during intercomparisons of ITS-90 fixed point cells, and in particular intercomparing water triple point cells. To assess the stability of the water triple point, a laboratory ideally needs to be able to measure differences
  • TOC Analysis in a Chemical Laboratory
    solutions. With legacy TOC. technologies, reliable analysis of these samples requires either extensive instrument maintenance or the. purchase of multiple instruments dedicated to specific applications. With reductions in today's laboratory. budgets, neither option is ideal.
  • Chemical Analysis in the Laboratory: A Basic Guide
    Chemical Analysis in the Laboratory: A Basic Guide. By providing basic training in the whole analytical process for students, this book demonstrates why analysis is necessary and how to take samples before attempting to carry out any analysis in the laboratory.
  • Statistics for Quality Control Chemistry Laboratory
    Statistics for Quality Control Chemistry Laboratory. Packed with practical case studies and datasets, this book aims to give the reader a grasp of the concept of statistical variation in laboratory data and of the value of simple statistical ideas and methods in thinking about and manipulating
  • Purification of Laboratory Chemicals, Fifth Edition
    Purification of Laboratory Chemicals, Fifth Edition. Including detailed descriptions of commonly used techniques, this book provides details of the physical properties and purification procedures of a very extensive number of organic, inorganic and biochemical compounds which are commercially
  • Wise Laboratory at the University of Southern Maine
    Biosafety cabinets at the University of Southern Maine's Wise Laboratory are at the heart of high-impact toxicology research
  • Laboratory Glassware: Cleaning, Selecting and Disposing
    Glassware items are used throughout the laboratory industry. Pipettes, burettes, cylinders, flasks, beakers, test tubes and thermometers are just a few laboratory items which may be made out of glass. When mishandled, these items can result in workplace injuries. When substitution of non-glass
  • Managing Biosafety Laboratory Workstation Exhaust
    Re-entrainment of laboratory workstation fume hood exhaust has received widespread attention in the past few years. The main reason for this concerns growing public awareness of pollution issues, mostly as a result of broad news coverage of multi-million dollar lawsuits focused on indoor air

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