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  • Design Improvements for Monitoring Laboratory Equipment
    Parr Instruments in Moline, Illinois, manufactures laboratory instruments and apparatus for testing fuels. Their worldwide customers include oil and gas companies, coal burning facilities, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Like so many commercial and industrial devices, Parr's instruments were
  • TOC Analysis in a Chemical Laboratory
    solutions. With legacy TOC. technologies, reliable analysis of these samples requires either extensive instrument maintenance or the. purchase of multiple instruments dedicated to specific applications. With reductions in today's laboratory. budgets, neither option is ideal.
  • PAT Brings Laboratory Analysis Online
    in an integrated manner. " A major component of the initiative's intent, however, has been more narrowly focused on the movement of traditionally laboratory-based determinations of product chemical composition or physical properties such as particle size distribution, to instruments on the production
  • How to Determine and Specify the Most Appropriate Gas Supply System for Your Laboratory
    System for Your Laboratory: Source of Gas Supply, Distribution of Gas, Point-of-Use Control & Delivery. Gas Supply Sources - Bulk, Mini-Bulk (Tonners), Dewars, Cylinders - individual or multi-cylinder manifolds - centralized or in-the-lab, Generators. Source Delivery Methods - Cylinder Regulators
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    , and the working time or shelf life of a biological sample or laboratory reagent can be increased by keeping the substance at an optimal temperature. Instruments such as DNA cyclers, tunable laser diodes, and thermal-stress analyzers all require a capacity for cycling an object or sample through a range
  • Medical Device Link .
    Systems that can monitor laboratory instruments from remote locations are becoming more sophisticated. Any time that a laboratory instrument goes out of service, laboratorians expect rapid service from the instrument's manufacturer. Such service is common for central laboratory equipment these days
  • Case Story Universiti Teknologi Malaysia- A state-of-the-art calibration laboratory for research and service purposes
    "The process instruments we are using. require high-accuracy calibration and the. calibrators have provided us with excellent. results," Dr. Rahmat Mohsin explains.
  • Not all FIDs are the Same
    While flame ionization is the appropriate sensor technology for measuring total hydrocarbon levels in the parts-per-million (PPM) range, not all FIDs are the same. Many FIDs offered to process industries are actually modified versions of fragile, rack-mounted, laboratory instruments, these features
  • Use of Optical Hygrometers as Reference Instruments
    For large pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, power plants, and other industrial/process plants which. use large quantities of dew point sensors, it is usually more cost effective to calibrate these in-house. rather than sending them to a calibration laboratory. In-house capability also allows
  • Tiny Holes Capture Light, Could Boost Sensor Capability
    paving the way for powerful chemical sensors and laboratory instruments. Key to the technology is a new coating technique that enables the mesh to capture and transmit more light through its microscopic holes than would normally be possible. e, and his colleagues also found that if they coated

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