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Selecting the most effective source for high-purity gases is a critical issue for laboratory managers. Zero air and hydrogen are used for gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID), and nitrogen is used for high-performance liquid chromatography or gas chromatography with mass...

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  • Friction Pressure Correlation for CO2 Foam Fluids
    Foam generators are used in the laboratory as well as in field operations to obtain foam from mixing CO2 or nitrogen and the liquid phase.
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Nuclear Regulatory Commission > NUREG Series Publications > NUREG-1827 - Safety Evaluation ...
    ...System, Electrical System, Compressed Air System, Water Supply, Cooling Water Systems, Septic Systems, Communication and Alarm Annunciation Systems, Fire Protection, Control Systems, Standby Diesel Generator System, Nitrogen System, Liquid Effluent Collection and Treatment... ...System, Ventilated Room, Chemical Laboratory , and the Cylinder Preparation...
  • Mexican infrared optical new technology telescope (TIM) project
    The facilities at the site already include 2-meter, 1.5-meter and 0.84-meter telescopes, as well as satellite communication antennas, dormitories, electronic laboratories and mechanical shops, power plant generators , road maintenance vehicles, and liquid nitrogen and aluminizing plants.
  • New Senior Members [Society News]
    Stefan Schröder discussed the activities of the high-power electron- ics laboratory in fields including applications, converter topologies, and controls for wind power, photovoltaics... ...and hybrids, industrial power, subsea electrification, pipelines, re-injection electrification, high-power liquid nitrogen generators , and compressor drives.
  • Advantages of In-House Generation Generation of Nitrogen for HPLC With Evaporative Light Scattering Detection (.pdf)
    Dr. Dae-Kyun Ro of the Bioscience Department at the Uni- versity of Calgary (Canada) indicates that the in-house nitrogen system in his labora- tory provides a very considerable... the use of liquid nitro- gen or high-pressure nitrogen... ...gases via tanks versus the cost for use of an in-house gas generator is presented in...
  • Spacecraft Technology: The Early Years
    ...assisted take-off Jet Propulsion Laboratory Klystron power amplifier Korabl Sputnik Lunar Excursion Module Low Earth orbit Launch Escape System Liquid hydrogen Lunar Landing Research... ...hydrazine Millimetre-wave Mobile Laboratory Medium range ballistic missile Multi-Spectral Scanner Nitrogen tetroxide National Advisory Committee... ...nitric acid Request for proposals Rakyeta Nosityel Vostok Read-only memory Radioisotope thermoelectric generator Spacecraft Signal Communication...
  • Background Spectral Radiance And Contrast In The 1.5 TO 13 Micrometer Region
    (b) The mobile laboratory has calibration blackbodies, collimators and a 40 -liter liquid nitrogen reservoir. Additionally, the mobile laboratory contains its own AC power generators , an IRIG time code generator /search unit, VHF /UHF /FM transceivers, video tape recording system, infrared thermal imagers, and a meteorological measurement system.
  • Nonlinear Transmission Lines for High Power Microwave Applications - A Survey
    Bloom’s group at Stanford University extended this technique to produce sub-ps rise time pulse trains using distributed nonlinear TL’s composed of monolithic GaAs diodes operating at liquid nitrogen temperatures [8], [9]. Similar structures have been employed to produce very fast impulses for strobe pulses in sampling type oscilloscopes and for fast laboratory pulse generators .
  • Electron microscopy of frozen hydrated sections of vitreous ice and vitrified biological samples a Philips 400 transmission electron microscope (CTEM) equipped with cryospecimen holder PW6591 100 and improved anti-contamination device, or in a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) HB5 from Vacuum Generators , equipped with a cryospecimen holder built in our laboratory (Homo, 1980). The transfer from the copper-blocks in which the spccimens arc inserted, to the cryospecimen holders, takes place under liquid nitrogen or just above, in a Styrofoam container where specimen and holder are protected from atmospheric humidity.
    Octahedral crys- tals of TCEO were grown in 50 mM Tris (pH8.0) and 18% PEG600, flash-frozen directly from the drop into liquid nitrogen , and screened for diffraction on a Rigaku RU-200 generator equipped with a IIc detector. ...X-ray diffraction data set (280 frames) was collected at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Beamline 9.2.

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