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  • Dampening Pressure Spikes During Valve Switching
    Equilibar precision back pressure regulators were used in reactor research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to eliminate pressure and flow spikes that were occurring when alternate feed sources were selected with a switching valve.
  • Zirconium Clad Pressure Vessels Offer Cost Savings in Highly Corrosive HCL Service (.pdf)
    of material performance. KEYWORDS. zirconium, clad, reactor, HCl, pressure vessels. INTRODUCTION. For more than 20 years, the owner’s production facilities had been using steam jacketed glass-lined. steel reactors in a critical service, with recurrent problems. The glass-lined steel vessels were lasting
  • Examining scale-up and computer simulation in tool design for 300-mm wafer processing
    , government laboratories, and commercial vendors. The virtual reactor concept is close to becoming a reality. The transition from 200- to 300-mm wafer processing tools presents a clear problem in scale-up. Chemical engineers have had years of experience in scaling up chemical reactors from laboratory to pilot
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization Manual
    BETE has supplied nozzles for use in open and packed spray towers and jet bubbling reactors since the late 1950s. With the passage of the first Clean Air Act in the United States, it was natural for BETE to use this experience to work with the fledgling FGD industry to provide spray nozzles for use
  • Robust Vacuum Solutions in Biomass Processing (.pdf)
    . pressures above atmospheric has been utilised for many. pressure increase condensing efficiency and vapour. years for extracting and boosting methane for both safety. recovery and reduce exhaust emissions. and energy generation, for example. Positive pressure. Recycling, product transfer, blending
  • The Effect Of Prior Cold Work On Tensile Resfidual Stress Development In Nuclear Weldments (.pdf)
    Austenitic alloy weldments in nuclear reactor systems. are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) failures. SCC has been observed for decades and continues to be a. primary maintenance concern for both pressurized water. and boiling water reactors. SCC can occur if the sum of. residual
  • Ablation of liver cancer cells in vitro by a plasma needle
    A plasma needle using a dielectric barrier discharge reactor at atmospheric pressure with a. funnel-shaped nozzle was developed. The preliminary characteristics of the plume and applications. to the ablation of cultured human hepatocellular carcinoma HCC BEL-7402 cell line were. presented
  • Fibrous Slurry Heating
    vessels for batch processing are capable of high. Process, Equipment Design Considerations. solids percentage consistencies. They are flexible for hold time,. When designing a pilot plant or scaling up for production-. temperature and pressure changes. Reactor heating can also be. level processing
  • Applications of EBSD in Materials Research for Nuclear Energy (.pdf)
    - Materials and material issues for thermal and fast spectrum nuclear reactors for a few critical components. Reactor. Component. Materials. Materials Challenges. type. thermal. fuel cladding. zirconium-based alloys. neutron economy. pressure. thermal. carbon steels. cost and corrosion. vessels
  • Medical Device Link . Coating and Surface Treatment Technologies
    device, for instance, must take into account the basic phenomena of interfaces and surfaces and the properties of proteins and cells at interfaces, as well as the characteristics of local and systemic biological reactions. Principles worked out in surface science laboratories are becoming the basis