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  • Dampening Pressure Spikes During Valve Switching
    Equilibar precision back pressure regulators were used in reactor research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to eliminate pressure and flow spikes that were occurring when alternate feed sources were selected with a switching valve.
  • Measuring the Biofuels Blend Ratio in Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
    The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a portable mid infrared spectrometer that gives spectral, quantitative or qualitative information on a wide variety of materials wherever they occur - at the production line, in the field or in the laboratory. The trend toward alternate fuels is resulting
  • That's a Wrap
    A creative wrapping technique builds structurally stable and well-insulated coils for a new fusion reactor. A challenge faced by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) researchers was to devise both electrical isolation and structural support for conductive coils that will see 2 kV when
  • Upfront
    , gave a real-time picture of material distribution in that plane on a computer screen. Using electrodes in several planes offered a 3-D view of the whole reactor (Image). In mixing evaluations, ERT can cover the whole vessel, rather than summing values taken in many different locations, as with other
  • Motors in Radiation-Intensive Environments
    , and cable insulation will all deteriorate over time and finally crumble. A new generation of radiation-hardened step motors, however, has greatly expanded the design opportunities in highly radioactive environments. One new motor design recently assisted Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL
  • Examining scale-up and computer simulation in tool design for 300-mm wafer processing
    , government laboratories, and commercial vendors. The virtual reactor concept is close to becoming a reality. The transition from 200- to 300-mm wafer processing tools presents a clear problem in scale-up. Chemical engineers have had years of experience in scaling up chemical reactors from laboratory to pilot
  • Biochemical modeling
    at PPM that can be used as a tool to predict and evaluate the lagoon performance under varying wastewater characteristics and environmental and physical conditions. A laboratory experiment using a bench scale reactor and the effluent from the mill primary clarifier overflow (PCO) was first used
  • Going Small, Thinking Big
    provided the engineering, says Richard Gray, Syrris s commercial director. The miniaturization trend began in the laboratory, driven by the need to expand and quickly analyze sample libraries, but it has since moved on to manufacturing. In part because the technology is fairly new, and hasn t really

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