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    Laboratory Shakers - (185 companies) doubt, check with the manufacturer as to which of the laboratory shakers would be best for the given application. Standards MS 36169 - Rack, test tube, laboratory, kahn shaker type References Image Credit:  ... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Vibrators - (143 companies)
    Industrial vibrators use rotary or linear motion to provide consistent vibration for laboratory and industrial shakers, screeners and classifiers, and bins and hoppers. They are powered by an electric motor, pneumatic pistons, or hydraulic fluid... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Environmental Test Equipment Services - (90 companies)
    Environmental test equipment services for environmental test chambers, reactors, baths, incubators, laboratory ovens and furnaces, and vibrational shakers. Services may include repair, calibration, upgrading, rebuilding, installation, training... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Incubators - (240 companies)
    Incubators are used in biological experiments to allow growth of organisms in optimal conditions of temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Test Equipment and Instrument Repair Services - (438 companies)
    Acoustic and vibration equipment: accelerometers and vibration sensors, acoustic sensors and microphones, ultrasonic transducers, hydrophones, impact hammers, position sensors and position instruments power supplies and amplifiers, shakers and shaker... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Calibration and Repair Services - (1239 companies)
    ...test equipment, industrial computers, and process instruments. Calibration and repair services that rebuild, replace, and repair analytical instruments and laboratory equipment are commonly available. Analytical instruments include shakers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Microplate Washers - (52 companies)
    Microplate washers combine buffer dispensing and aspiration cycles to remove reagents from sample wells. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Shale Shakers - (33 companies)
    Shale shakers are a piece of solids removal equipment that is primarily used to remove large solids, called cuttings, from drilling fluid. They are also used in coal cleaning and mining operations as the large vibrating basket and specialty designed... Learn More
  • Shaker Controllers - (26 companies)
    Shaker controllers are hardware/software devices that generate one or more analog drive signals that are applied to an amplifier / shaker / test device for the purpose of creating a specified vibration environment at one or more points on a test... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laboratory Funnels - (96 companies)
    Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corporation. Laboratory funnels are used to channel liquids or fine-grained chemicals (powders) into labware with a narrow neck or opening. Often, they are made of plastic such as polypropylene. Reusable products can... Learn More
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A laboratory refers to a workplace,. especially in the field of. natural sciences. It is a facility. that provides controlled conditions. in which scientific research,. experiments, and. measuring may be performed. In contrast to the office, the. work in a lab is more handson. This means...

...of mixtures on a laboratory scale – Fritsch GmbH. Fritsch GmbH Mahlen und Messen | Probenaufbereitung und Partikelmessung. Products. Solutions. Service. News. About us. Contact. Home. Contact. Print. Home. ·. Solutions. ·. Industries. ·. Chemistry. ·. Reports from this industry. ·. Production of mixtures... the laboratory – Fritsch GmbH. Fritsch GmbH Mahlen und Messen | Probenaufbereitung und Partikelmessung. Products. Solutions. Service. News. About us. Contact. Home. Contact. Print. Home. ·. Solutions. ·. Industries. ·. Foodstuffs. ·. Reports from this industry. ·. Processing cocoa beans in the laboratory...

...your laboratory from inadvertent or intentional use of a system from unauthorized. locations and unauthorized user accounts. A Shaker Control system architecture that enhances the remote communication attributes of. the system is shown in Figure 2. The host workstation and user interface support... easily correlated when the vibration being measured is a simple sinusoidal motion containing one frequency. However, the vibratory motions measured in practice almost always contain some harmonic distortion even with sinusoidal laboratory shakers. Thus, if acceleration data is needed, a transducer...

...groups produces a certain amount of play. The inner gear mechanisms of Wave Drive components never have more than two stages, and so there is little in the way of backlash," he says. Applications include certain types of laboratory equipment such as shakers and stirrers, according to P ohlau... vein ECs (HUVECs) were isolated via the collagenase. a single well of a 6-well plate, diameter 3.5 cm, wall height. method and were obtained from the laboratory of Dr. 1.8 cm, filled with 2 mL water seeded with TiO particles. Jordan Pober; HUVECs were used for flow cytometry. 2. (particle mean size, 7... to the US National. Institute of Standards (NIST) or in Europe to the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL). or Germany’s national calibration authority (PTB). Traceability is important to ensure. the validity of the overall calibration system results. Typical calibration techniques. utilize a back...

Plastics / textiles. Foodstuffs. Metallurgy. Environment. Pharmaceuticals. Product Finder. Grinding reports. Contact Applications Laboratory. Ulrich Gerber. Phone: 0049 67 84 70 122. gerber(at) FRITSCH mills in the construction materials industry. Your application - our solution: Find...

...of LMS.Modal Survey TestSatellites are subject to tremendous vibration and acoustic loads during their launch. Space hardware development programs typically foresee two phases requiring laboratory tests. First a so-called modal survey is carried out to obtain an experimental dynamics model...

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  • 12.1.05 -- Increased Sensitivity, Accuracy And Ease-Of-Use With New Automatic Extensometer
    Our detergents are sold through a network of leading distributors in the laboratory , health care, and industrial fields in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide... The THERMOstar is a high performance temperature controlled shaker which accommodates up to 4 microplates.
  • Innovative Products For Heating, Homogenising And Mixing available from Radleys describing the extensive IKA® range of innovative, leading-edge laboratory products for heating... ...for infectious, toxic or high-odour substances; the Lab Dancer® compact test tube shaker designed for mixing... As an established primary distributor for IKA products in the UK, Radleys is able to offer competitive...
  • Scientific Industries Launches The Rotator Genie
    Bohemia, NY (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Scientific Industries Inc. (OTCBB:SCND), a leading designer and producer of shakers and vortex mixers, including the world-renowned Vortex-Genie, today announced the market launch of the new Rotator Genie™, a benchtop laboratory rotator designed to rotate... The product is being offered nationally and internationally through the Company's extensive network of laboratory equipment distributors .
  • Measurement of the 2. 35 MeV window in O + n
    The dis- tributor determined the oxygen percentage ina gas sample from each container using either a Taylor oxygen analyzer orthe Linde- Shaker method. ...the lower connector ofthe cryostat and had the resulting gas analyzed at this laboratory bygas chromatographic comparison...
  • Jost’s Engineering: New Distributor For LDS Vibration Test Solutions In India
    Their addition to the LDS distributor network means that Brüel & Kjær now offers LDS customer solutions... Adams Technologies maintains a highly-technical sales and support team who have made many successful LDS shaker installations in aerospace laboratories over the last 15 years.
  • Enhanced enzyme production with the pelleted form of D. squalens in laboratory bioreactors using added natural lignin inducer
    ...and with six 0.5-mm holes on the circum- ference, was used as a gas distributor . ...with 200 ml of 3- day-old pellets previously cultivated in an Erlenmeyer Xask on a shaker . A 3.1-l stirred tank reactor (Benchtop Laboratory fermentor KLF2000, Bioengineering, Switzerland) with a 2.1...
  • Grant Instruments Turns Filmmaker To Help Customers Select The Right Lab Products
    A series of one-minute video clips have been filmed to show the functionality and ease of programmability of Grant's range of laboratory products which include everything from microplate and micro-tube thermoshakers, centrifuges, densitometers, rockers, rotators, shakers , mixers, stirrers and UV... ...had a very positive response from our customers, as well as from our distributors , who see these...