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  • EIP Application in Gigabit LAN Firewall (.pdf)
    translation, transparent access, user authentication, content filtering, VPN, high availability, traffic management, billing, intrusion monitoring, through agents, and management methods of multi command lines, Web interface and Windows GUI Manager.
  • Overlapping VLANs (.pdf)
    A VLAN is an administratively configured LAN segment that limits the traffic in multiple broadcast domains. Instead of physically reconnecting a device to a different LAN, network administrators can accomplish this task by configuring a VLAN compliant switch to create logical network segments
  • Smart Computing Article - En Route With Routers & Switches
    En Route With Routers & Switches June 2002 Vol.6 Issue 6 Page(s) 191-197 in print issue Add To My Personal Library En Route With Routers & Switches How They Direct Data Through Network & Internet Traffic To The Correct Destination Refers to one segment of the transmission that occurs
  • Patton 2800 Solutions - Enterprise Networking
    traffic onto the enterprise data network using cost effective fractional T1 service. At the New York Headquarters, telecommuter traffic is routed through another Patton 2800 and onto an Ethernet LAN. A separate connection to an ISP links the entire enterprise network to the Internet. If necessary
  • Internet access to the factory floor
    to the correct Ethernet device inside the LAN. A network-address translation (NAT) is the most common way of routing network traffic between a LAN and WAN. NATs take a single IP address supplied by an Internet service provider and let multiple devices share the same Internet connection. Unfortunately, NATs do
  • Computer Power User Article - Firewall Fitness
    , or personal firewalls, run on a PC like any other application. Both types provide unique advantages, and it's usually best to use both. Hardware firewalls offer automatic protection for all computers connected to the LAN, and when combined with a router, offer additional security by physically shielding
  • Smart Computing Article - Getting Wired & Going Wild
    The previous article showed you how to create a wired LAN (local-area network) between two computers using an Ethernet crossover cable. If you re interested in networking three or more computers, however, you ll need a slightly different setup. Before you set out to make your own network, you ll
  • Computer Power User Article - Wired & Wireless
    are pumping out of one server device, so the pressure is all on one server and switch bottleneck. This ignores all other data traffic that might be simultaneously flowing through the LAN. As with other forms of data access, each stream has its own average sustained data rate, but, more importantly, because
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    " on a particular article. In addition we provided an editor 's selection of other significant stories of the week. Report highlights drivers for technology in U.K. The first annual report of the Technology Strategy Board has set out the aims of using technology to address key challenges, such as traffic

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