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  • Medical Device Link . Firm Provides Accurate Translations of Package Inserts
    languages across 20 products," says Sirisumphant. DLC developed highly qualified teams of language translation specialists who have experience in the medical/scientific field. "New DFU formats evolved to capitalize on efficiencies in distribution, formatting, and printing," says Dianne Turner
  • Medical Device Link .
    must be able to respond quickly and effectively to the emergency situation, whatever his or her native language. (Bothell, WA; created its HeartStart Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be compatible with a variety of languages. From their inception, the. MPMN
  • Frequently Asked Questions for comp.lang.functional
    concerning functional programming languages, and some pointers to relevant literature and internet resources. What is a "functional programming language "? Opinions differ, even within the functional programming community, on the precise definition of what constitutes a functional programming language
  • Medical Device Link .
    software been more important. While some of the major vendors (Vignette, Interwoven, and Allaire) provide support for managing English content, these systems are not designed to manage multiple-language sites or translation workflow. Fortunately, a growing number of tools for managing multilingual sites
  • Medical Device Link .
    include diacritic marks, such as tildes and umlauts, or characters used in Asian languages. It is especially important that any software used in the translation process supports internationalization functions. Addresses and telephone numbers are often expressed differently for certain countries
  • Medical Device Link .
    opened the door to electronic formats for product labeling, moving beyond the "leaflet " requirement specified in the previous version of the MDD. Also in 2005, the list of languages required for product labeling of EU -marketed devices was expanded to 20 languages. E-labeling allows manufacturers
  • Medical Device Link .
    out has taken hold, as evidenced by a surge in demand for translation services from companies such as Celer Pawlowsky S.L. (CPSL; Barcelona, Spain), a multilingual project management provider; and Medilingua Medical Translations B.V. (Leiden, Netherlands). “In the last four months, we have had
  • Medical Device Link .
    . French. Requires use of national language. Germany. German. Other EU languages may be used for nonsafety data. Greece. Greek. Requires use of national language for "instructions for use " documents. English is acceptable for labeling of professionally used devices and software. Iceland. Icelandic. Other

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