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  • Metal Working Fluid
    , grinding, lapping, and honing operations. Metal forming fluids are used in stamping, forging, drawing, coining, rolling, piercing, cold heading, and wire/bar/rod drawing operations as well. Metal protecting fluids are used primarily for fingerprint displacing and indoor/outdoor storage. Drawing
  • Straighter shooter
    barrels/hr, compared to about one an hour with the old manual-lapping process. Stellite liners are individually OD ground to size, measured with a micrometer, and pressed into their mating, induction-heated barrels. A liner sticks out of a barrel awaiting press fitting. St. Louis, let a maker of .50
  • Medical Device Link . Originally Published January/February 2001 Spotlight on Metal Fabrication
    to +-0.0002 in. In-house services include centreless grinding to as small as 0.005-in. diam, lapping, and continuous or discreet laser micrometer quality checking. Metal Cutting Corp., Cedar Grove, NJ, USA. Stainless-steel components. Providing products exclusively to the medical device industry, a company
  • Medical Device Link . Metals Companies Sharpen Their Competitive Edge
    dimensional tolerances in sorting, and to supply a high-volume product at the highest standards of cleanliness. Capabilities include cutting, grinding, lapping, and polishing of small-diameter metal tubes, wires, and rods. All metals, including stainless steels, cobalt alloys, NiTi and all titanium
  • Medical Device Link .
    than 20 CNC lathes and screw machines, the company 's machining capabilities include ultraclose tolerances to +-0.000005 in., flat lapping and polishing, grinding, and holes as small as 0.004 in. in plastics and 0.007 in. in metals. IDEX Medical, Oak Harbor, WA.
  • Medical Device Link .
    orthopaedic-part production, can help shorten cycle time considerably, says the company. This is achieved by not only replacing manual lapping and minimising the incidence of necessary rework, as earlier finishing stones have done, but also by reducing the number of honing stages needed to bring the prosthesis
  • SteeLog (R) - A Metallurgical Dictionary
    for making grinding wheels,andpaper,abrasive and lapping compunds. Abrasive Wheels - Wheels of a hard abrasive, such as Carborundum used for grinding. Abrasive Wear - The displacement and / or detachment of metallic particles from a surface as a consequence of being exposed to flowing fluids or gases. Ac1
  • Programmable Crystal Oscillators with Sub-ps Jitter and Multiple Frequency Capability
    . Customer. Order. • Cutting. • Cleaning. • Die Attach. • Vacuum Bake. Ship. • Lapping. • X-Ray. • Wirebond. • Seal. • Polishing. • Plating. • Fine Tune. • Final Test. Frequency. 4-5 Weeks. 2-3 Weeks. Figure 2. Hybrid Quartz Crystal Oscillator Production Steps. One only needs to tour a typical