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  • Rotary Ball Spline Technologies And The Effective Differences of Two Rotational Nut Technologies
    Because the initial deformation amount is much greater on steel, pre-deform- ing the components by insertion of larger diameter balls can reduce the amount of deformation when the spline assembly is loaded for an application.
    The inner end of the female spline engages a male member of the shaft that operates the nut for raising or lowering the ball housing sleeve, MJ-1536-B, When … … balls can be forced into a larger diameter , thus disengaging the regulating …
    The test was then repeated for the variable shaft, 25 mm diameter by 457 mm long which represented the sleeve and 12 mm diameter by 50 mm long which represented the ball -screw spline shaft. The two shafts were press fit together, the larger diameter was heated and the smaller one dipped …
  • ISA GOOD TUN PKT GUD - Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide
    … connections and twisting in long shafts actually means that the butterfly disk or ball may not move … To minimize this problem, you should use splined connec- tions and short large - diameter shafts, and you should conduct actual flow tests on all rotary valves.
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Solving Subsynchronous Whirl in the High-Pressure Hydrogen Turbomachinery of the SSME
    This approach mandated a large number of pilot diameter and splines . … is positioned radially by two sets of individually spring-loaded 45-mm hydrogen- cooled duplex ball bearings.
  • ISA ADV CNTRL UNLEA PLA PER MAN BEN - Advanced Control Unleashed - Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit
    If a rotary valve is still the best choice, make sure the connection of the actuator shaft to the ball or disc stem is a splined connection, as shown in Figure 2-7, to minimize the tolerance and associated play in the … Also, the shaft diameter should be large and the shaft length should be short so that shaft windup does not cause a stick-slip greater than 0.5% [2.10].
    √ E/(N t) ≈ 0.1 mm ≈ 0.13 px, which is equivalent to 0.2 % of the billiard ball diameter . The acceleration and force coefficient curves in figure 9(d,e) show the largest sensitivity to a poor choice of a smoothing spline .
  • Validity of the lightning elimination claim
    … criticism levied against that study, such a limited impact requires uniform ionization over relatively large hemispherical surfaces. … the fact that the smallest device considered was a hemispherical dissipator having a diameter equal to 2 … … Russian study, this implies that the following types of dissipators are rather useless: the ionizer wires used on power lines (called Dual Dissipator System), paragon arrays, conic roof arrays, parapet arrays, trapezoid arrays, and ball dissipators (called Spline Balls and Ion Plasma …
  • Journal of Jet Propulsion > Technical Literature Digest
    WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER OF BALL BEARING SCREWS AND SPLINES … restraining high torque loads; built from 3 inches to 10 feet long, % to 6 inches diameter .
  • Contributions for the question of the oxidative powers of the animal cell and generally biological meaning of which
    One had the same it A was two about 2 qem big Aussehnitte, B became geschlossen.- Each two Seitenwi ~ nde of this KI ~ … … black, 10 cms long 1 cm wide and 0,8 cms deep wood strips versti ~ rkt. Became KI ~ stchen A in alas a thermometer engaged so, that the ball of mercury came to lie in a cutout the Pri~parat equally: were At B both covered through the matt paper in the darkening. … glass shells yon of cylindrical shape, 2 mm wall thickness and 10 cm diameter ~ became to …
  • Development of Four-stroke Outboard Motor
    This driven gear shaft was provided with spline grooves to fit into the driveshaft, and was supported by ball bearings on both its ends. A special ball bearing of small diameter and large load rating was used in the lower bearing housing to minimize the increase in height of the outboard motor.