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  • Pipe and Tubing
    Pipe and tubing are used when rigid lines are preferred. No matter which conductor is used, certain requirements must be met. The line must be large enough to carry the flow required, and it must be strong enough to withstand internal pressures. Line size can be determined from the amount of fluid
  • Fittings: Tapered Pipe Fittings
    Nominal pipe sizes do not match the outside or inside thread diameter. To determine pipe sizes up to 1¼", measure the outside diameter of the threads. Subtract ¼" for the pipe thread size. (example, a fitting measures ¾" at the large end, then subtract ¼", the fitting in question is a ½" pipe
  • Accumulators handle the extremes
    such catastrophes, drillers install enormous valves collectively called a blowout preventer or BOP on all wellheads. BOP control-system power units deliver large volumes of high-pressure fluid instantaneously during emergencies. Because wellhead pressures can exceed 15,000 psi, with drill-pipe
  • Automation Solutions for Special Applications
    The project under way at Langfields involves welding large sections of stainless steel pipe in segmented bends. The internal diameter of the vessel is 1900mm with circumferential seams of 90 and 135 degrees. After the application was assessed by one of Gullco's technical welding specialists
  • ABCs of Refrigeration Pressure Sensing
    liquid refrigerant passes through an expansion valve where it undergoes a rapid reduction in pressure. The refrigerant boils as it converts back to a vapor. The phase change from liquid to vapor produces a large drop in vapor temperature. The cold vapor passes through the evaporator where it absorbs
  • Getting the Most from Coriolis Flowmeters in Pharmaceutical Processes
    of Pharmaceutical Processes There are numerous opportunities for flow measurement devices during the chemical synthesis phase of production, which is characterized by large- to small-scale production of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Often, large quantities of raw materials must be received from
  • Which Pump Is Right for Me? Pushing Through a Host of Factors to Select the Right Pump
    of trash laden effluent. Their non-clog impeller is capable of handling stringy materials and solids up to 3" diameter, and large clean out ports offer hassle-free removal of large debris without removing the suction pipe or hose. Well suited for: wellpoints, flood control, sewer bypass, and sumping. Now

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