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  • The M Class: Designed to Replace Datamax Legacy Printers
    , and is not one that Datamax takes lightly. With an installed base of over 600,000. printers, Datamax understands that discontinuing any printer products will have a great. effect on a large number of users. With this in mind, Datamax continually keeps an eye to. the past while developing printing solutions
  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    provides air velocity and temperature measurements in. visual, analog, and digital formats. It includes a display panel, analog outputs, and a USB computer interface. (software included). All of this is neatly packaged in a 3.5 x 4.5" NEMA 4, IP65-rated case. Air Velocity/Temperature Measurement
  • [Chapter 4] 4.4 Four Types of sed Scripts<
    it. Unfortunately, when the file arrived, it contained the formatted output for a line printer, the only way they could provide it. A portion of that file (saved for testing in a file named horsefeathers) follows. HORSEFEATHERS SOFTWARE PRODUCT BULLETIN DESCRIPTION + ___________ BigOne Computer offers three
  • Wired 8.01: As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day
    , MEMS will soon be ubiquitous. There will be the far out (airborne micro flying machines, networked minibots) and the practical (disposable blood-pressure gauges, wearable pollution sensors). Within 20 years, there will be no avoiding MEMS: They will be in every telecom line, computer
  • Auctions cheap way to get corporate gear
    reason why Sun decided to make an extensive range of servers and other hardware available to users on eBay - a move that could help small and large companies alike. For the smaller player, the auction format of eBay's site gives users the chance to set their own prices for hardware and maybe pick up
  • Intelligent Printing From Datamax
    for the most recent information. The information is then. populated in the correct place on the label format and printed. This is all done by the printer and no computer is required. to reside next to the Datamax printer. Scenario #3: Shipping dock needs to weigh packages and scan product information
  • Medical Device Link .
    user interface that facilitates input and presents data results in a highly understandable format." John von Bulow, studio lead, Hauser Inc. "By using the very latest computer-aided design tools and a high degree of innovation, UMM was able to bring all the requirements together in a tight
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    are programmed into the tool via a PC, but once the data have been exported, the computer is not required to run the ELK 01. When required, the PC can be used for continuous data recording to capture such information as the closing force that has been achieved and the resulting closing gap. Safety
  • Medical Device Link . Portable Data Carriers Add Function and Convenience to Medical Instruments
    for security and protection from copy and forgery. Calibration of Medical Instruments and Equipment One area in which small portable memory devices can have a very large impact is calibration. Many new patient-monitoring techniques use sensitive electronic transducers and sensors. The manufacturing
  • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    as a maintenance performance and improvement tool. The advent of the PC during the last few years has further boosted their popularity. As more and more maintenance personnel become computer literate they are regarded as an increasingly attractive option. Companies are also investing in CMMS's because