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  • Glossary of Terms
    epoxy that conducts electricity. Bus bars are used to carry very large currents, or to distribute current to multiple devices within switchgear or equipment. Ceramic Glass. This glass is mechanically very strong material with almost no expansion or contraction when exposed to repeated and quick
  • Fast Response Optical Sensors Prove Invaluable in Demanding Gaging Applications
    configurations provide sub-micron resolution and/or a large measurement range. MTI's Fotonic TM sensors provide accurate measurements on almost any type of surface or material including metallic, plastic, glass and ceramics. They can also operate in water or oil, however, a slight sensitivity change occurs
  • Novel Interferometer Enables Challenging Measurements
    involving measurement. of thin, transparent optics, including inspection of large glass substrates for flat panel displays. In some cases it. also enables measurement of the individual surfaces of multi-component optical systems, prisms, etc. Remote Cavity Measurements. The interferometric “cavity
  • Fiber Optics: Theory and Applications
    system. because the reflecting surface is not parallel to the fiber. depends on the f/number or numerical aperture (see. axis. Collimated light entering tapered fibers at the large. Figure 1 2). It is calculated from the formula. end, on the other hand, becomes decollimated, and if the. angle
  • Michelson Interferometer Whitepaper
    a large range of field angles. This is possible because the two arms can be made with different materials having different refractive indices. If the ratio of the arm length to its refractive index is the same for both arms, then to second order the path difference is independent of field angle
  • Medical Device Link . DNA-chip technologies
    , biological sample. But if the required assay sensitivity is 100 copies per ml, then a minimum of 200 ul of the original sample must be processed to ensure statistical confidence in the result of the assay. The diagnostic requirement for such large sample volumes is deeply at odds with the headlong dash
  • Color Machine Vision Goes Beyond the Visible
    using a single industrial lens, that would be great. There are optics out there that do not distort, but they 're very expensive. ". According to Alternative Vision 's Gilblom, the flat-panel industry also struggles with optical distortion across large areas. "As flat panels grow in size, the cameras
  • Future Outlook For The Photonics Industry
    , and newer. mercial standard of 25µm to 15µm or even 10µm. digital systems can easily outperform anything a. in the next few years. The sought-after larger. 16 mm film camera could reliably and repeatedly. arrays will require very large optics if the pixel. achieve in high speed. pitch does not decrease

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