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  • Optical Mirrors-Image
    Optical Mirrors - (370 companies)
    Optical Mirrors Information Optical mirrors have a smooth, highly-polished, plane or curved surface for reflecting light. Usually, the reflecting surface is a thin coating of silver, or aluminum on glass. Product specifications for optical mirrors...
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  • Spherical Mirrors-Image
    Spherical Mirrors - (84 companies)
    Spherical Mirrors Information. Spherical mirrors are curved so that reflected beams converge on a focal point. Important parameters to consider when searching for spherical mirrors include diameter, radius of curvature, thickness, and focal length...
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  • Telescopes-Image
    Telescopes - (59 companies)
    ...for viewing wildlife, and very large devices for astronomical study. Most telescopes are assemblies of lenses and mirrors that are used to gather light. Other telescopic devices are designed to detect objects by the emission or reflection of different...
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    Reflectors - (52 companies)
    ...reflectors are a circular segment from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, these mirrors direct and focus incident collimated...
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  • Mirror Mounts-Image
    Mirror Mounts - (23 companies)
    Mirror mounts are used to hold and support mirrors of all sizes and shapes. Mirror mounting can be a very sophisticated device in optic research, due to the need to be able to tip and tilt the mirror by controlled amounts, while still holding...
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    Plastic Tubing - (628 companies)
    Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems, or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies. Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid...
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    Plastic Sheet and Plastic Film - (892 companies) Fillers also have a large impact on a plastic 's properties. Choices include aramid fibers, chopped fibers, carbon fillers, glass powders, metal powders, and other mineral or inorganic materials. Unfilled products are also available. Sizes...
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    Plastic Pipe - (206 companies)
    Plastic Pipe is used in similar applications as traditional metal and ceramic pipe but offers significant savings in weight and installation. Standards now exist for plastic pipe to be used in hazardous environments and in fire protection systems...
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    Plastic Valves - (341 companies)
    Plastic valves are made from plastic materials and are used in applications that require corrosion resistance and/or chemical handling. Find Plastic Valves by Specification or See Our Directory of Suppliers. Materials. Acetal polymers offer...
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    Plastic Bearings - (165 companies)
    Description. Plastic bearings are used in wet and corrosive environments, clean environments, areas that are difficult to lubricate, and applications that require non-magnetic bearings. Video Credit: igus (R) inc. Materials. They are made from...
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  • Visualizing cross sections of 3D turbulent flows using a modified white light Lau interferometer
    The authors intend to use optically accurate, very large diameter, variable focus, mirror finish plastic membrane concave mirrors of any desired f-number.
  • WNGlosses (\
    to store computer information; |memory_device_N consist_V long_J thin_J plastic _N strip_N coat_V iron_N oxide_N use_V record_V audio_N video_N signal_N store_V computer_N information_N 03708425_N| … … oscillator_N 03709206_N| a scientific instrument that magnifies an image |scientific_instrument_N magnify_V image_N 03709363_N| a large wine bottle for liquor … … required_J weight_N 03714721_N| anything added to fill out a whole; |add_V fill_out_V whole_N 03714899_N| (usually plural) the components needed for making or doing something; |usually_R plural_J component_N need_V make_V do_V 03715114_N| reflecting telescope in which the aberration of the concave mirror is .
  • (
    … contains data that will tell a reading device who you are and what your account number is, etc.'). g(103708036,'memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron … … image'). g(103709363,'a large wine bottle for liquor … … are mere makeweights"'). g(103714899,'(usually plural) the components needed for making or doing something; "the recipe listed all the makings for a chocolate cake"'). g(103715114,'reflecting telescope in which the aberration of the concave mirror is reduced by a …
  • data.noun (
    … 06 n 01 pantechnicon 1 001 @ 03022224 n 0000 | (British) a large moving van (especially … … paper covers 03086412 06 n 02 paperclip 0 gem_clip 0 001 @ 02450667 n 0000 | a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets … … 06 n 01 parabolic_ mirror 0 002 @ 03087218 … … n 0000 | a concave reflector used to produce …
  • data.noun (
    … pantechnicon 9 002 @ 03773168 n 0000 ;r 08805749 n 0000 | a large moving van (especially … … 03863001 29 n 03 paper_clip d paperclip 1 gem_clip 8 001 @ 03028973 n 0000 | a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets … … 65 n 01 parabolic_ mirror a 002 @ 03864261 … … n 0000 | a concave reflector used to produce …
  • noun.dat (
    … 0000 | a pantry or storeroom connected with the kitchen (esp in a large house) for preparing … … War II 02851344 06 n 02 paperclip 0 gem_clip 0 001 @ 02302642 n 0000 | a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets … … 06 n 01 parabolic_ mirror 0 002 @ 02852150 … … n 0000 | a concave reflector used to produce …
  • Fringe 2005
    … during the whole development and manufacture of INOs after every processing step: measurement of the first pre- processed grinded glass lenses still having a large shape deviation up to … … pressed lenses, injection moulded plastic lenses as well as precision processed metal mirrors . … together with the miniature sensor makes the record of unusual large apertures of concave and convex surfaces …
  • Adaptive Mirror For Large-Aperture Laser Beams
    Generally, the shadow technique measurements showed the good optical quality of the central part of the plane and concave metal- coated plastic mirrors . Its use enable to elimi- nate the disadvantages of conventional large - aperture bulk mirrors, namely, the large …
  • A Decade Of Development In Passive Night Vision Goggles
    Essentially the catadioptric magnifier comprised a positive meniscus lens in which the convex and concave internal surfaces were employed as small primary and large secondary mirrors respectively. … "add -on" lens were assumed to be fabricated in a low dispersion optical plastic - although glass would …
  • Checking the symmetry of stretchable plastic membrane concave mirrors using a lateral shearing interferometer
    The circular stretchable plastic membrane mirror for optical purposes was first described in 198 by one of the authors, Reference 1 . The then very optically imperfect concave mirror was used as a large diameter light collimator in a flow visualiser.

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