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  • Spherical Mirrors-Image
    Spherical Mirrors - (87 companies) center thickness or edge thickness. Focal length is the distance from the spherical mirror the light converges. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make spherical mirrors. The material used influences the reflectivity... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Mirrors-Image
    Optical Mirrors - (380 companies) the radius of curvature for the mirror. There are two thickness measurements for optical mirrors: center thickness and edge thickness. Units of measure include inches, feet, and yards; nanometers, centimeters, and millimeters, and miles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Reflectors - (53 companies)
    ...reflectors are a circular segment from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, these mirrors direct and focus incident collimated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diffraction Gratings-Image
    Diffraction Gratings - (56 companies)
    A diffraction grating uses a substrate with parallel grooves to disperse light into its spectra. Eschelles are included in this area. Diffraction gratings are optical elements that are similar to lenses or mirrors. Diffraction gratings... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Telescopes - (58 companies)
    ...for viewing wildlife, and very large devices for astronomical study. Most telescopes are assemblies of lenses and mirrors that are used to gather light. Other telescopic devices are designed to detect objects by the emission or reflection of different... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Lenses - (445 companies)
    ...lens elements --one high-dispersion concave and one low-dispersion convex -- to achieve their corrective effect. An achromatic doublet. Image credit: Encyclopedia of Science. Fresnel Lenses. Fresnel lenses consist of thin, lightweight plastic sheets... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Lasers - (731 companies)
    ...medium. The mirrors reflect transmitted light back into the gain medium -- sometimes hundreds of times -- in order to suitably amplify it for output. The mirror nearest the output is known as the output coupler, as it allows some light to leave... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mirror Mounts - (25 companies)
    Mirror mounts are used to hold and support mirrors of all sizes and shapes. Mirror mounting can be a very sophisticated device in optic research, due to the need to be able to tip and tilt the mirror by controlled amounts, while still holding... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wheels - (386 companies)
    ...cloth impregnated with synthetic resin. Materials. Some industrial wheels are made from solid materials such as plastic, polyurethane, stainless steel, and rubber. Others are made of one type of material and mounted on a hub constructed of a different... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Parabolic Mirrors - (37 companies) the distance from the mirror the light converges. Materials. Parabolic mirrors can be supplied in a variety of materials. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make the mirror. The material used influences... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Visualizing cross sections of 3D turbulent flows using a modified white light Lau interferometer
    The authors intend to use optically accurate, very large diameter, variable focus, mirror finish plastic membrane concave mirrors of any desired f-number.
  • Fringe 2005
    ...during the whole development and manufacture of INOs after every processing step: measurement of the first pre- processed grinded glass lenses still having a large shape deviation up to... ...pressed lenses, injection moulded plastic lenses as well as precision processed metal mirrors . ...together with the miniature sensor makes the record of unusual large apertures of concave and convex surfaces...
  • Desktop autostereoscopic display using compact LED projector
    ...point of the screen at the viewing area and allows the screen size to be made larger . Because the corner reflective mirror sheet and the anisotropic diffuser sheet are made of flexible plastic , the curved shape can be easily constructed by using a concave base.
  • Display holography for medical tomography a sheet of aluminum-coated plastic stretched across the mouth of a large loudspeaker, a "woofer". The woofer is driven with a deep pure tone so that the plastic sheet oscillates back and forth between convex and concave . This acts as a mirror with a rapidly oscillating focal length, and anything seen in the mirror...
  • (
    ...number is, etc.'). g(103667121,'memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with... ...g(103670544,'the uppermost sheltered deck that runs the entire length of a large vessel'). g(103670688... ...are mere makeweights"'). g(103673984,'(usually plural) the components needed for making or doing something; "the recipe listed all the makings for a chocolate cake"'). g(103674199,'reflecting telescope in which the aberration of the concave mirror is reduced by a...
  • Aluminised thin film plastic mirrors
    I A SMITH and M R STEEL PJlysicsDepartment,Heriot-Watt University In a recent undergraduate project we decided to study the feasibility of the suggestion that large optical mirrors for solar concentrators might... ...constructed using thin aluminised plastic film (e.g. Meinel... ...because of the reflecting aluminked coating, it can then be used as a concave or convex mirror...
  • Exposure to an Enriched Environment Accelerates Recovery from Cerebellar Lesion
    The enriched rats were housed in groups of ten animals in a large cage (100×50×80 cm) with... The cage contained wood shavings, a running wheel, a shelter (a house-shaped toy with a concave opening in which the rat could enter), colored plastic toys (red or green small balls... ...igloo, colored bricks, cubes, tunnels, a mirror , and platform).
  • The cost effectiveness of thermal insulation
    I A SMITH and M R STEEL PJlysicsDepartment,Heriot-Watt University In a recent undergraduate project we decided to study the feasibility of the suggestion that large optical mirrors for solar concentrators might... ...constructed using thin aluminised plastic film (e.g. Meinel... ...because of the reflecting aluminked coating, it can then be used as a concave or convex mirror...
  • A three-colour quantitative schlieren system
    ...each slice did not seriously affect the colours in the schlieren photographs, although large errors degraded the... A concave mirror produces a collimated beam which passes through the plastic walls of the gallery and is reflected back by the plane mirror.
  • Checking the symmetry of stretchable plastic membrane concave mirrors using a lateral shearing interferometer
    The circular stretchable plastic membrane mirror for optical purposes was first described in 198 by one of the authors, Reference 1 . The then very optically imperfect concave mirror was used as a large diameter light collimator in a flow visualiser.
  • Machine Vision Handbook
    Optical quality plane mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes (5–200 mm), in both square... Very much larger , low precision mirrors can be made, using aluminised mylar film, or plastic sheeting (see Lighting Viewing Method 111 in > Chap. 5.5.6 Concave and Convex Spherical Mirrors [2] .
    In 1961 Muirhead reported on a very simple design for varifocal mirrors with large variability of focal length [MLirhead 61]. His mirror design consists of a metalized plastic film stretched over a rigid frame with an airtight... When suction is applied to the cavity, the mirror flexes back, acting as a concave spherical mirror.
  • Photonics and laser optical diagnostics for investigations of high-speed transient processes
    Suitable delays between these pulses with respect to each other are achieved by the use of a concave Mo/Si- mirror which focuses both beams for interaction with Ne-atoms into a second chamber. ...beams for impinging on the outer, respectively inner part of the focusing mirror is real- ized by using a diaphragm and a Zr-filter (only transparent in the XUV), attached in the centre of a larger diameter plastic pellicle which itself is...
  • Compact polarising Soller guides for cold neutrons
    ...mean that neutrons can only emerge from the guide at smaller solid angles near the concave surface. Equation (8) summarises the requirements for extending the totally reflecting Soller guide concept to lower characteristic wavelengths, i.e. the need for smaller channel widths, larger radii of curvature and larger effective coherent scattering densities for the mirror material. . ...neutron beams produced by reflection from CojoFejo thin films deposited on to various plastic substrates (Penfold et...
  • Progress toward large-aperture membrane mirrors
    ...there is a vastly superior thickness uniformity of the CP-1 material (over the polyethylene plastic Tap). We recently completed the design and fabrication of a larger membrane mounting apparatus. which accommodates a 71... This membrane mounting structure allows for testing of candidate membrane materials as flats, or as concave mirrors down to — f3.

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