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  • Ultrasonic Water Level Measurement in Large Ponds
    Ultrasonic Level in Large Ponds. Solar charged battery powered measurement for potable. water recharge project. Pond. Prosonic FMU 41. FMU 41 mounted in. pond. A battery powered Prosonic M is used. Problem. Results. to measure water in large water ponds. PVC stilling wells are used to prevent
  • Clean Waters and Agriculture
    that pollute and clog waterways and fill reservoirs, says Carlos Alonso, leader of NSL 's Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit. And runoff of nutrients from farms and urban sources has been linked to oxygen depletion in large bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico. The nutrients feed algal
  • FA Series Provides Precision on Large Parts
    Schneer is president of Swiss Wire EDM, an EDM shop that specializes in large components, mainly for the aerospace industry. When Schneer found out that the Mitsubishi FA30V wire EDM machine could handle 24-inch-thick material in a submerged cutting envelope, he was impressed. "Over the years, we
  • Reusing Water in the Desert Southwest
    areas related to water management: canal automation and surface-irrigation modeling. Large water-distribution systems gather water from rivers, reservoirs, or other suppliers and deliver it to agricultural areas via canals. In the United States, such systems may serve hundreds of thousands of acres
  • Question and Answer Regarding Induction Heating Large Billets (.pdf)
    pivots 90. provide support to heat large billets in hor-. degrees and sets the. izontal induction systems, there is a danger. billet vertically over a. of localized cold spots appearing in areas. charging jack[2]. The. where the hot billet contacts water-cooled. charging jack raises the. liners
  • Case Study: Large-scale, tempered-water system loop
    Petrochemical plant, Saudi Arabia. CaseStudy_HI_TemperedWater.indd CASE STUDY. LARGE-SCALE, TEMPERED-WATER. SYSTEM LOOP. Petrochemical Plant, Saudi Arabia. LARGE-SCALE, TEMPERED-WATER SYSTEM LOOP. Petrochemical Plant, Saudi Arabia. The petrochemical industry generates numerous products
  • Successful Implementation of an Odor Control Program on a Large Scale
    , chemicals, maintenance, and monitoring services for the treatment of its wastewater in an attempt to improve or eliminate the problem. Successful Implementation of an Odor Control Program on a Large Scale. Successful Implementatioin of an Odor Control Program on a Large Scale. Water Technologies EnglishX
  • Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines
    facilitates rapid heat transfer and provides a design element for reducing rotating-machine operational temperature. Microsoft Word - Highly_Conductive_Insulation_for_Large_High-Speed_Machines.doc Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines. Daniel Saban PhD. Andy Cloud. Paulo

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