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D639AP Global Industrial National Marker Company Not Provided Machine Labels - Danger Laser Beam With Graphic

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  • Laser Sighting Guide
    the focal point and. markers. At the focal point, where the measurement spot. then expands. Laser sight. size is the smallest, the dots line up vertically, rotating as the. mounting can be either coaxial or offset. Offset lasers are. unit is moved closer to or. mounted above or below the IR beam; coaxial
  • The Progress of Industrial Laser Marking (.pdf)
    in the last several years. Laser markers are now being designed for specific purposes according to wavelength, beam spot diameter, pulse width and frequency. Not only has the technology advanced significantly, but the number of uses for laser marking has spread into nearly every sector of manufacturing
  • High Contrast Fiber Laser Marking of Silicon Carbide
    . Figure 3: 55% power at 15 kHz. 0.35 m/sec, 1st pass. as well as for tooling applications. 55% power at 35Khz. 0.35 m/sec, 2nd pass. Set-up: Wave Form = 0. Laser: SPI 20W Pulsed Laser. Machining head: X-Y Galvo Scanner Head (max. speed 7.0 m/sec). Focal. length: 163mm, 2x variable beam. expander. A beam
  • Medical Device Link . Laser Marking Medical Devices and Packaging
    ; and the depth, appearance, complexity, and size of the mark. These systems and issues must be considered in the context of the physical processes involved in laser marking different materials and the peculiarities of the available codes and marks. As the high-intensity, focused laser beam hits the surface
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking Curved or Cylindrical Surfaces
    of the interesting materials and products that are processed daily by Synrad's line of CO2 lasers and marking heads. Featured Application: Laser Marking Curved or Cylindrical Surfaces. Laser marking curved surfaces can be difficult for several reasons. First, the laser beam may go out of focus
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking PVC Extrusions using WinMark Pro's Banner Tracking Feature
    to integrate a laser marker into a production line, as it eliminates the bottleneck of stopping and indexing at the mark location. Until now, tracking could occur only when the entire mark fit within the extents of the overall lens field. A long, continuous mark, made in the direction of travel
  • Medical Device Link .
    systems are solid-state 355 nm laser sources ranging in average output power levels from 250 mW to 7 W. In most models, the pulse repetition rate can be adjusted on the fly from single shot to 100 kHz, and performance and beam quality can be optimized at each rate. Two field-replaceable
  • Medical Device Link .
    codes. The laser marker 's beam quality results in an accurate, long-lived mark, which is critical when. MPMN: Product Update. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search

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