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  • The Progress of Industrial Laser Marking (.pdf)
    marking. quality is maintained (Figure 5). Figure 5: 3D Profile Mapping. Constant Beam Power Sampling. It is inevitable that sources of power lose their. ability to produce at a constant output level. over time. In terms of laser marking, this. means that the power will have to be. increased accordingly
  • Laser Diffraction
    The technique of laser diffraction relies on the fact that particles passing through a laser beam scatter light at an angle that is inversely proportional to their size (small particles scatter light at high angles whereas large particles scatter light at low angles). It is therefore possible
  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    – for example straight and curved weld. weld due to the stability and controllability of. lines of different width, as well as two-. the laser source. dimensional structures – all in a single. - Beam intensity and spot size enable the use. operational step. of small weld widths. - Beam quality of fiber
  • Laser ENgraving and Cutting on Plastics
    cutting with Trotec systems is fast and accurate. Unlike in cutting plotters, there is no material resistance when using the laser. As a result, working with the laser is faster. Another plus: It is not necessary to lift or turn the laser beam with a knife. Trotec laser systems make full use
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic
    . distinguished namely foaming, engraving,. quality of the laser beam marks as narrow as. engraving with colour change, and colour change. 25µm can be made to an accuracy of just a few. only. microns. Software packages make the. programming of these marks relatively simple. Foaming. Engraving
  • Bestform Laser Lens Theory
    Simple focusing and collimating of laser light can often be. accomplished by using a single lens element. However. the focused spot size, energy intensity and image quality. are all dependent on, not only the focal length, but also. the laser beam diameter, the lens radii and the center. thickness
  • Laser Line Scanning (.pdf)
    metrology provides. The laser line probe can digitize the shape and position of an. object that is placed in its field of view. A laser line is generated by. “fanning” out a laser light beam into a sheet-of-light. When that. sheet-of-light intersects an object, a bright stripe of light can be. seen
  • Laser Welding of Plastics (.pdf)
    , polyethylene, clear. polycarbonate, nylon and natural PET. The underlying material is ideally black, colored. using carbon black, or pigmented to some degree. Welding usually occurs away from the focus of the laser, and the required weld strength. can be tailored by using different beam sizes

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