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  • Fiber Laser Cutting of Stents
    The average power required for these small scale tube cutting applications is in most cases relatively low and is well within the power range of currently available fiber lasers. Certain specialist manufacturers are now starting to offer fully integrated laser cutting systems commercially fitted
  • Laser Cutting Ceramics
    of industrial operators ask themselves when they have to decide which laser cutting technology to adopt for their production cycle. The cost of laser technology is still extremely high, though it is constantly falling, and consequently its use is justified only if the quality of the end product
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Copper Application
    Laser Photonics' application engineers received a customers' 4mm thick copper sample to be processed. Using the Titan Series 48 TM, Laser Photonics multipurpose fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a continuous wave 2kW, 1060nm, high-powered, energy efficient fiber laser, the Titan, in one
  • Fiber Laser Cutting of Thin Stainless Steel
    Detailed results on fiber laser cutting of thin sheet stainless steel are presented here for the first time. Not only are kerf widths very narrow but cuts also exhibit very low taper and recast layer is dramatically reduced when compared to laser cutting with conventional competitive lasers
  • Application Newsletter - Laser Cutting Natural Leather
    Blue leather with 3-mm thickness was marked and cut by a 10 watt CW CO2 laser with 3.75-inch focal length lens. The speed of 50 mm/sec was used for etching surface with one pass and the speed of 10 mm/sec was set for cutting through the sheet with three passes. Total cycle time for cutting
  • Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laser Cutting System
    The marketplace is experiencing a quick shift toward laser cutting systems as manufacturers explore ways to stay competitive with foreign competition in today 's U.S. economy. The most recent shift in industry evolution has been toward Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). Automation is paving
  • Laser Cutting Kapton
    and aerospace sectors and is commonly cut with Diode Pump solid state lasers. Although some thermal effects are visible, high process speeds are possible with the air-cooled 70W laser; faster cutting would be possible using the 200W laser.
  • Laser Cutting Natural Stone
    A unique mathematical model to simulate the process of cutting natural stones in rectilinear (straight line) path, by carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, was implemented in a personal computer. The implemented model determined the shape and dimension of the kerf (cut slots or channels) using such variables

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