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  • Laser Cutting Ceramics
    . Material Scientists have turned their attention to laser based solutions for cutting and. processing engineering ceramics. Laser Processing as an Alternative and Problem with the Normal Lasers: Lasers have been successfully tried for processing ceramic materials. Laser material. processing
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 246: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard, Direct Part Marking on Stainless Steel, CO2 Lasers Aid Photovoltaic Manufacturing. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, September 16, 2010. Issue 246. Applications at a Glance. Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard. Direct Part Marking
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Composite
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 235: Laser Cutting Carbon Filter Composite, Marking Silicone Tubing, Find Detailed Product Information on our Website. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, April 15, 2010. Issue 235. Applications at a Glance. Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Composite. Marking Silicone
  • Medical Device Link .
    and UV Laser Systems Accurately Cut Complex Shapes Systems are quick, versatile, and easy to use Laser welding, cutting, and marking systems offer a number of features that make them suitable for medical device manufacturing applications. New systems that meet the stringent demands of the industry
  • Medical Device Link .
    for accurately matching peak power and average power, and a diffuse ceramic cavity. Lumonics provides training and service programs to support its laser cutting system. The training program covers programming, operation, and routine maintenance. Optional service-level maintenance courses are also offered
  • Polarization Effects in Metals, Ceramics, and Acrylic (.pdf)
    Lasers may be linearly, circularly, or randomly polarized, each affecting cutting operations differently. This article outlines some of the effects the polarization of a laser beam has when cutting metals, ceramics, and acrylics. Polarizationeffects.FH11 Polarization effects in metals
  • Medical Device Link .
    A manufacturer of precision parts and surgical components offers a set of manufacturing tools with laser cutting, marking, and welding capabilities. One of them, the StarCut 18 laser, provides high accuracy, repeatability, and cut quality. Most metal alloys can be processed while producing minimum
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Microcomponents
    Laser cutting as well as hole and slot drilling down to 30 um are among the services available to manufacturers of complex medical device components and assemblies. Critical components are machined in a single operation to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Prototyping from solid models enables