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  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    The fiber laser and plasma systems share similar delivery systems. Neither require any kind of optical alignment between the power source and cutting head. The two thermal cutting processes share many similarities, from an integration standpoint, which is why the two now can be integrated onto
  • Laser Wire Cutting
    Conventional cutting of fine wires for the medical industry can produce sharp, angular damaged ends. A novel laser technique has been developed to separate wires such that well rounded ends are produced. Results: Careful control of pulse energy and good beam positioning produce highly controlled
  • Laser Cutting Kapton
    the electronics and aerospace. sectors and is commonly cut with Diode Pump. solid state lasers. Set-up. Laser: SPI 200W Water-Cooled laser. Machining head: Laser Mechanisms cutting head. Focal length: 50 mm, X2 beam expander. Process gas: Argon, 10 bar. Laser Parameters: 70W P-Set 1.35kHz 0.7ms. Fig.1
  • Laser Cutting of Tungsten
    but much cleaner with far less heat affected zone. Cut width was 25 microns. Microsoft Word - Laser_Cutting_of_Tungsten_final. Laser Cutting of Tungsten. Material. Results. Tungsten (W) - 160ยต thick strip. Processing parameters: Laser Power: 200W, 150W Average Power. Pulse Width: 0.5ms. Repetition
  • Cutting LDPE
    SYNRAD's sealed CO2 lasers are used in a variety of industrial processes including cutting, welding, drilling, and marking. This news brief showcases some of the interesting materials and products that are processed daily by Synrad's line of CO2 lasers and marking heads. Low Density Polyethylene
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking and Cutting Decorative Cards
    vapor and debris away from the focusing lens when cutting with a marking head). For applications where a thin material must be both cut and marked, marking heads are considerably faster than laser engravers or XY tables, because marking heads use galvanometers to quickly steer and redirect the beam
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 246: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard, Direct Part Marking on Stainless Steel, CO2 Lasers Aid Photovoltaic Manufacturing. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, September 16, 2010. Issue 246. Applications at a Glance. Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard. Direct Part Marking
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 244: Laser Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate, Marking Vinyl Fabric, Alternative Wavelength CO2 Lasers. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, August 19, 2010. Issue 244. Applications at a Glance. Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate. Marking Vinyl Fabric. News from Synrad

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  • Study on three-dimensional laser cutting technology in auto-body panel
    The 3D laser cutting technology is particular in that there is no strength contact action between the laser cutting head and workpiece, therefore the design of the fixture is different from that of common fixtures, and the requirement for fixture structure is...
  • Applicability of TOWRS to support the D&D of the Plutonium Finishing Plant
    To enable remote cutting operations from control room, a camera system (in addition to the CCTV system on the laser cutting head ) is used to monitor the work place.
  • Parallel-axis positioning device for laser processing: Design and applications
    Although some positioning devices are invented to solve the problem for industrial laser macro-processing systems [5-7], they either require an exact edge of workpiece or need to transform the laser cutting head to mount a coaxial CCD.
  • Introduction into the mechatronics
    The method on spatially curved surfaces is applied while the laser pluck head allows to be led from a 6-axial industrial robot (image 9-33), so, all degrees of freedom already contain the movement kinematics the would be necessary to compensate...
  • Laser systems for materials processing
    ...decomposition temperature outlook CO2-laser conclusions fiber lasers beam sources Nd:YAG laser welding heads laser sources focusing optics special systems system concepts thin disc lasers handling devices new developments clamping devices laser beam guiding laser cutting heads laser macro systems 1...
  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    Parameters such as speed; the distance between the workpiece and plasma cutting torch or laser cutting head ; and gas pressures and purity all must be maintained according to specifications to optimize cutting.
  • Oak Ridge K-25 Site Technology Logic Diagram
    Needs: Tooling to interface the laser cutting head with the automated delivery platform needs to be designed and demonstrated, and a demonstration is required on simulated equipment _orthe K-25-type facility and the K-3_-type facility.
  • Recent developments in wood machining processes: Novel cutting techniques
    Three major functional components are com- bined in the laser die maker: (1) a laser generator and focusing head for thermal cutting; (2) a mechanical work table which carries the laser cutting head and moves it through the cutting patterns; and (3...